They live for this. Principles of life each Zodiac sign

Они этим живут. Жизненные принципы каждого знака Зодиака

Principles are a kind of flags, for which a person adhering to certain principles of life, never sets.

Want to know what principles are shared by different signs of the zodiac?

Or are they unscrupulous?

Aries 21.03-20.04

1. Better to do something than to regret later that You didn’t.

2. The person remains young, while his spirit is young.

3. Stubbornness is not a disadvantage.

4. The best way of defense – attack.

5. Persistently move forward and achieve their goals

Taurus 21.04-20.05

1. I don’t pretend to be someone else and want others to stay away from mine.

2. He who does not love delicious food, the misanthrope.

3. I am not so rich to buy cheap things.

4. There is no point in arguing with a fool.

5. It is difficult to trust, but easy to lose it.

Gemini 21.05-21.06

1. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

2. Two heads are always smarter than one.

3. People are mistaken when they think that quality is more important than quantity.

4. Love comes and goes, friends stay.

5. Don’t be like all, always be yourself.

Cancer 22.06-22.07

1. Home, sweet home.

2. Easier to find error than to correct it.

3. Great minds always have a strong opposition.

4. The one who never changes his mind, loves himself more than the truth.

Leo 23.07-23.08

1. It is better to climb to the summit of glory, than fall into disgrace.

2. The correct course of action is half the battle.

3. When You do something, do it well.

4. Love that You are showing is not love.

5. A lie has short legs.

Virgo 24.08-23.09

1. Patience and perseverance — the keys to success.

2. A lie is good if it is good for others.

3. You can know someone in two cases – during the feast and wealth.

4. To spend time on thing that does not pay off, — full nonsense.

5. You have to trust your mind and not your heart.

Libra 24.09-23.10

1. Fortuna means a lot if You trust her.

2. Diplomacy contributes to the victory.

3. To adhere to the principles often silly.

4. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

5. Love requires proof.

Scorpio 24.10-22.11

1. If You do not inspire passion, You’re doing something wrong.

2. The wolf can change the skin, but not his nature.

3. Everyone is rewarded according to merit.

4. You know the person until you eat with him a peck of salt.

5. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Withtralec 23.11-21.12

1. Better to heed the rebuke of the wise than to hear the praise of a fool.

2. The value of a man is measured by the number of friends he has.

3. Learn from your mistakes.

4. Words are useless without works.

5. Nothing is impossible, if You are in love.

Capricorn 22.12-20.01

1. He who does not believe he is weak.

2. Time is money.

3. After the battle you become a General.

4. Rules are invented to be broken.

5. The man who keeps his word is worth nothing.

Aquarius 21.01-20.02

1. I I don’t need unsolicited advice.

2. I am the master of my life.

3. Love is beautiful, but is the biggest weakness of people.

4. If You want to make an enemy, give a loan money to a friend.

Pisces 21.02-20.03

1. Why do something today if you can do it tomorrow.

2. The promise is just empty words.

3. The three most important things in life is music, laughter and tears.

4. True love does not see faults.

5. It is difficult to understand others if You don’t understand yourself.

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