They put a banana peel on various parts of the body, and this is what happened. It is impossible to believe!

Они прикладывали кожуру банана на различные части тела, и вот что происходило. В это невозможно поверить!

In addition, bananas are very delicious and nutritious, they can be useful in another. After You eat the banana, no need to throw away the peel! If you have skin problems or You are concerned about warts banana will help to get rid of these problems. We present to Your attention a few possible options for the use of a banana peel, these techniques really work!

Teeth whitening

Enamel darkening is a common problem, especially for those who are daily forced to contact with many people. In order to whiten the teeth enough times a day during the week to RUB a banana peel in the teeth.+

Insect bites

Very often, after insect bites, the kids are doing wrong – many of them combing the site of the bite, this can result in blisters and even scarring. All you need to do is to attach the peel to the bite this will help relieve itching.+

Wart treatment

Over time, they become more unsightly, and often many are even embarrassed by their warts. What should I do? To re-knit the warts, after putting on her banana peel. You should leave this bandage overnight. The duration of treatment may vary from 1 to 2 weeks, the result will please You very much!+

Acne treatment

Almost all teenagers in puberty are faced with this problem. No scrubs and hand creams, which are now available in a huge variety, often does not help to get rid of acne.+

Banana peel will soothe and calm inflamed skin. Remember to moisturize the skin or reduce itching, is enough to put the peel on for 30 minutes.+


Psoriasis is a common problem in smokers. Don’t worry too much because of this, the banana skin will help You cope with this problem! You only need to attach the peel on the affected area. The effect will be noticeable in just a few days.+


The peel can be used not only to improve health and treatment, it can be used in everyday life. Banana peel will help Polish the surface of the Shoe, leather jacket, sofa or silver.+


If You work hard and are constantly on the move, by the end of the day is probably very tired. You come home, the whole body bursts of fatigue, and constantly taking pain – not an option.+

You only need to place the banana peel on the part of the body that is bothering You, hold it for 20 minutes, if the pain does not pass, you can leave the peel for a few more minutes until, until the pain recede.+

In this case, no harm in trying!+

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