they run away with the cash machine and lose it on the way

    they run away with the cash machine and lose it on the way

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    Residents of Vernaison were suddenly woken up from sleep this Wednesday around 2:30 am. A huge noise made their building shake. That of a construction truck, which came to sink into the post office located on the ground floor of the building. Some may have believed in an accident, before realizing that a breakage was taking place at their feet.

    The well-equipped criminals managed to tear off the automatic cash dispenser (ATM). A quarter of an hour later, everything was loaded into a vehicle. Stumbled across their “convoy” on their way to Solaize, a crew from the Lyon anti-crime squad chased them. The ATM has fallen on the road. The commandos managed to escape.

    The investigation was entrusted to the Givors research brigade (gendarmerie).

    The Vernaison postal agency reopens this Thursday morning

    The Vernaison postal agency will reopen this Thursday at 9 a.m. It remained closed on Wednesday for the needs of the investigation and the securing of the premises.

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