They want to see the bottom of the bag

Ils veulent voir le fond du sac

“On my arrival in Mario Lemieux, the first thing that I saw, it was Hal Gill, who was found in the fountain of the main house. Hal was naked with two bottles of champagne. “

Kristopher Letang tells this anecdote tasty its first conquest of the Stanley Cup in 2009 with Pittsburgh Penguins.

There is also the history of Martin Brodeur, who has already played golf with Donald Trump and who had received later a call from the future president of the United States, while the New Jersey Devils were losing 3-0 in the final against the Los Angeles Kings, in 2012.

Letang and Brodeur have made these small confidences during the second episode of a new project initiated by two former team-mates at the canadiens, Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre. The new baby, born prematurely, to drive away the time during this pandemic period, bears a name of the most original : The blue Pocket.

“We tripe on the name. Yes, it is a nod to the Blue Basket. Yes, it is for the local products. But there is also the double meaning that of talk, told Latendresse in an interview granted to the Journal. It reflects also the stereotypes of hockey. “

“The name of laughs, good people, we know the expression in English,” said Lapierre. But the goal was really to follow the output of the first minister Legault and the creation of the Blue Basket. There is a desire to purchase products
Quebec. We want to tell stories and anecdotes of hockey, but we want to also talk to artists from Quebec. “


The idea of Latendresse

The concept of the podcast of The blue Pocket mijotait in the head of Latendresse since few years already. The old number 84 of the Habs had as mission to launch a podcast in the genre Spittin’ chiclets, the two former NHL Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, but the sauce in quebec and French-speaking.

It remained for him to convince his former accomplice in the CH to embark in the adventure.

“I always knew that I wanted to do this podcast with Max. It was with him, or I didn’t do that. Max is a guy who has been loved in Montreal. It has a nice reputation. I know his sense of humor and I know what piton weigh to put it in tabarouette. “

“We bring each of our personality,” added Lapierre. Guillaume is a bit more relaxed and joking, while I’m more intense. I find that we complement each other well. “

Lapierre, who still pursues his career with the Bears of Berlin, in Germany, had a few misgivings at the start.

“William pushed me the last few years from this project. I want to say what I think. When you’re an active player, you’re sometimes afraid to criticize an organization or a person. Finally, I found that the weather was good during the confinement. I had nothing to do ! We have made a direct, and people loved it. ”

See you Thursday

Looks like the podcast of two former teammates of Tom Kosptopoulos with the Habs ? They have taken over the great lines in hockey with three periods (three guests) and two intermissions. To add to the relaxed atmosphere, the hosts and the guests had a beer in hand. A beer, preferably, of a microbrewery in Quebec.

For the first release, which was recorded and broadcast live on YouTube on the 11th of April, they have received George Laraque, Eric Belanger and the gold medalist of the olympic Games to Pyeongchang in moguls Mikaël Kingsbury.

Last Thursday, Brodeur, Letang, and Bélanger have furnished the approximately two hours of the podcast, which was also a musical performance by Jonathan Painchaud.

Latendresse and Lapierre now want to make a weekly appointment at 21 h Thursday. For the third show, on Thursday evening, they will receive the master of the octagon, George St-Pierre, the former CH Francis Bouillon and comedian Sam Breton.

“Regardless of the path it will take, we want people to feel to the tavern with me, Max and our guests said Latendresse. We will always want to keep our authenticity. We want a relaxed atmosphere. We also want to hear the stories that people have never heard. There will be no right of Martin Brodeur, of Kris Letang or Georges St-Pierre, there will also be guys that are less known, but who also have human stories to tell. “

In the human stories, there is that of Mathieu Ste-Marie, a former team-mate of Latendresse with the Voltigeurs of Drummondville, who recounted his struggle against his demons, the consumption of alcohol and drugs, during a live special, last Saturday. The former strong man in the QMJHL is now sober for three years. A beautiful victory.

► Since his retirement from hockey after a season with Zurich in 2013-2014, Latendresse is a regular contributor to RDS and was 91.9. Lapierre has also developed his love for radio with a regular participation in the issuance of Stéphane Langdeau for the past two years.

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