Thierry Henry: take time for yourself

Thierry Henry: prendre du temps pour soi

The period of inactivity of the professional sport does not mean that the head coach of the Montreal Impact, Thierry Henry, still sitting on his hands waiting for the return to action of his troops. In reality, he decided to devote more time to him, taking the opportunity to reconnect with some of the activities that used to be forgotten.

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has forced Major League Soccer (MLS) to interrupt its regular season, while the players, the coaches and staff members must follow the rules of confinement of the local authorities, to the image of the rest of the population.

For Henry, who leads the Blue-White-Black for a first campaign in 2020, the newspaper has obviously changed. It is more the time to rediscover the small pleasures of life like playing a game of Scrabble – by – phone and read books such as “Legacy”, by James Kerr.

“It was not easy at the beginning, because I love football. But I started to cook, I train twice a day in the morning. And in the afternoon, I relaxed a little, because in general, when you’re a coach, you arrive at work at 7 am and you leave again – be careful, I’m not complaining here – to 17 h 30-18 h. as Well, you don’t have too much time for you, because you give it to the others. So, I take a bit of time for me,” he explained during a video interview released by the official website of the Impact during the weekend.

A club stronger

Of course, the stop of the calendar is a bit of a pity, as much for the Impact that its driver. The team had collected four points out of a possible six in his first two duels in MLS this season. His progress was real in spite of a schedule topped by the participation in the champions League of CONCACAF.

“This was a big change for me. (After Monaco), I started to take the taste of lead. There was the preseason and the games. The team is starting to understand what he was asked; for example, to be a little better physically,” said Henry.

“Now, how will they get back? Train well? I think that they still have in mind what we did, finally, I hope. However, it is always better to be on the field to work on this,” he mentioned.

It is necessary to stay healthy

Henry, however, has taken care to remember that soccer remains a secondary side of the COVID-19.

“This is a radical change for all the world: people have lost their jobs, small and medium-sized enterprises may not survive. The most important thing is that people are good and they do go down the curve (contamination of the coronavirus).”

Despite all this, Henry wants to feed on of soccer constantly; after all, it takes a long time for him. He also says it clearly: “I am possessed, the foot is in me and it will always be like that”, mentioning also that he communicates with his assistants to talk often about soccer.

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