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Воры на доверии: Особенности самостийного управления

© Facebook, Danuta CosturaSeveral wildly celebrated the 76th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi invaders in the village of Vorzel in Kyiv region. The soldiers of the Wehrmacht and the SS laid flowers at the mass grave of red army, and then in this same form stood in the honor guard at the monument. So Ukrainian reenactors decided to contribute to “reconciliation of peoples”at least bad taste, and in fact blasphemy, however, is an excellent illustration of the ideological porridge, which is happening in the minds of many Ukrainians. Rapid and violent revision of history in favor of newfangled trends brought society to a deep cognitive dissonance. In this ongoing informational pressure on the layman — from endless discussions of outright fakes to the real complex problems — creates a perfect smokescreen for a complete reformatting of the state. It seems that soon it will be possible to establish the sad fact: once rich, hospitable, cheerful Ukraine is gone.

In the early 90-ies of the USSR was one of the richest and most prospective territories in Europe. The production volume of the second largest Soviet Republic was equal to the then West Germany and much greater, say, socialist Poland. However, her independent life began with outright lies. Remember the leaflets of the then “national patriots” of the movement told me how Ukraine is robbing the Kremlin and how well we’ll live, if separate from Moscow. However, the flyers somehow were not given a mere “trifle” — the price of oil, gas and many other “details”, without which the mechanism of the economy is simply not working. But Ukrainian separatists deliberately kept silent about that.

Воры на доверии: Особенности самостийного управления

To calm public opinion on the eve of the planned separation from the USSR, in the autumn of 1991 , Leonid Kravchuk, initiated the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the “Declaration of rights of nationalities of Ukraine”. In particular, it pompously said: “the Ukrainian state guarantees all peoples, national groups, citizens living on its territory equal political, economic, social and cultural rights… the Ukrainian state guarantees all peoples and national groups the right to freely use their native languages in all spheres of public life, including education, manufacturing, obtaining and dissemination of information… Monuments of history and culture of peoples and national groups on the territory of Ukraine are protected by law… of the National cultural centres and partnerships representatives of national minorities have the right to free contacts with their historical homeland…” Well, and so on and so forth. Similar provisions were later included in the Constitution, but time has shown that all this was a lie.

At the beginning of independence (the birth of which, I recall, had a hand in Yeltsin’s Russia), the majority of citizens of Ukraine did not know and hoped for the best. Using trust and naivety of society, the ruling elite of the new state and its propaganda machine lied continuously about the “second France”, about “Zoloto polubotka”, about “national oppression”, and in the meantime rapidly plundered everything he could reach (for example, the world’s largest black sea shipping company) and made a thoughtless privatization that gave rise to predatory Ukrainian oligarchs.

The endless lies have become national sport: lied that are descended from the prehistoric Trypillians, lied about the “old princes” (though the princes themselves considered themselves Russian), about the “old language” (on which is written “Russian truth” of Yaroslav the Wise), lied about “the Constitution Orlyk” and allegedly named in his part of the town of Orly in France, portrayed the perjurer Mazepa on the money and talked about the “liberators of the UPA”, which, in fact, any significant city was not released.

For example, in “the ABCs of young Bandera” in poetic form described, as the fighters of organization of Ukrainian Nationalists heroically defeated the Third Reich: “Adolfik First from Ukraine wanted to create a “Fatherland”, but the revolutionary OUN has created a reliable army, to give the invader the answer. ROI [combat unit of the UPA] so bravely attacked so violently partisan in the rear, only in the Rhine washed away the dirt from the Shoe.” Well, memorable story that all four Ukrainian fronts of the red Army were staffed exclusively by the Ukrainians, or about Marshal Zhukov, who specially those Ukrainians exterminated, and about the tireless fighter against Hitler, Stepan Bandera and his closest associates (most of whom, in fact, were supported by the “Abwehr”).

Propaganda monotonous poison treated several generations of self-styled teachers confided in fellow citizens. The Nazi propagandists portrayed the story of a Russian Empire, Kharkiv, Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev and other cities only in the Ukrainian context, and the great achievements of the multinational Soviet people are trying to cram in narrow national matrix. It comes to a joke, when the merits of the Russian monarchist Igor Sikorsky’s or rocket scientists and Communist Sergey Korolev, proclaims the achievements of the “national genius”. From initially false promises made additional insights about the original “Moscow occupation”, and that there was no great Victory in the great Patriotic war, and the rapid economic and cultural development of Ukraine in the Soviet Union.

Total lie at the very Foundation of the state makes a must lie in the management. Ukrainian politics with lies, like street manure worms. Who out there remembers the scandal surrounding allegedly sold Iraq a “Kolchuga” sensational “films of major Melnichenko” or the attempted assassination of Yushchenko, who was poisoned moonshine almost in his ear poured? Or stupid the story of how Yanukovych Kushnarev (the Kingdom of heaven Yevgeny Petrovich) with his fist tooth is knocked out; the new version of the tooth head of the SBU Bakanov Chapter OP Bogdan. And there will always be some kind of Martha Sobakina, who for a small bribe will carry this nonsense to the people. Upon achieving certain goals lie easily forgotten, but just so it was replaced with a new lie. Here you just physically can feel the Western school teachers of the Ukrainian political class, with their so-called Realpolitik.

In such a situation is absolutely natural is the recent lies about the healing miracles of the notorious “Association” — another nonsense is no worse and no better than the myth about the benefits of a General privatization in the nineties or the need of total Ukrainization in the two thousandth. However, the tensile strength of the system is now: it would seem to all the usual lies turned bloody coup and civil war that marked the beginning of the next myth-making, heavily involved in hatred, ultra-nationalism and even outright racism. And for their smokescreen began in a strange and phantasmagoric theft.

Some figures from the who led Union of the Left Forces of the economist Maxim Goldarb about post-Maidan reality: “The $200 billion cost the Ukrainians reform Gontareva Ukraine’s banking system. 90 banks were destroyed. From the depreciation of the hryvnia Ukrainians working lost $140 billion, and pensioners – $60 billion… According to UN estimates, more than half of people live in Ukraine on $5 a day. Housing reform, presidential Vovk and Groisman, ended up exclusively rising gas prices are 11 times the rates in 7 times. We have reached the point that 60% of Ukrainians are unable to pay utility fees. 10 million households each year apply for grants… controlled by a majority, reducing the cost of domestic medicine in half (from $ 8,12 billion in 2013 to$ 3.8 billion in 2018), he [Poroshenko] had a so-called health “reform” unconstitutional making medical services in the country are paid totally by limiting the access of ordinary people to primary care… 10 million pairs of hands, 10 million working smart heads left Ukraine in search of happiness in a foreign country, being unable in built Poroshenko conditions to feed their families. 3 million if it reduced the number of employed people to 2 million full-time employees… the retail Market has shrunk by 4 times. That’s when it nominal GDP has fallen by 1.5 times. 151 % increase in inflation. Foreign exchange reserves fell 3 times. The discount rate of the national Bank increased in 3 times. The credit portfolio of domestic banks has fallen three times. Direct investments in the country fell by 2.5 times. It was his government has racked up $20 billion of loans that we serviced you, paying huge interest. Once industrial, aviation Ukraine today boasts of increased levels of exports of snails, bees and strautini. When it collapsed by 60% exports of chemicals, 46% of the export industry, the overall exports have fallen by $ 20 billion.”

Interrupt is an epic listing in one sentence: Ukraine has become the poorest country in Europe and is fast sliding into the group of disadvantaged countries.

Once again deceiving the trust of voters who had hoped that the candidate for the presidency Vladimir Zelensky will stop Orgy of endless lies and theft, ordinary citizens of Ukraine quickly able to confirm that the policy of the government and Parliament continues in the old channel. The only difference is that stole the trust of the citizens clasat in addition and earth, the last that remained deceived, robbed Ukraine.

For thirty years the rulers of Ukraine stole from his people developed the economy, belonging to one of the greatest cultures of the world, the memory of the great history, stole peace, prosperity and development prospects. In the wildest jungle, cannibalistic capitalism has been steadily disappearing traces of other, much more advanced civilization.

Воры на доверии: Особенности самостийного управления

Konstantin Kevorkian

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