Thin models in the underwear ads for full outraged American

Худые модели в рекламе нижнего белья для полных возмутили американку

Full American angry thin models in advertising goods online store lingerie Plus Size Baby reports .

Christine Russell of falls city (Nebraska) have decided to buy through the Internet lingerie plus size and found online Plus Sized Baby store, specializing in clothing for the full. However, the 31-year-old woman was “shocked” the store advertised its products.

Lingerie for full showed a slender girl, which it was several sizes large. In one picture the model is wearing sports pants, pushing both legs in one pant leg. Thus, it was emphasized how the clothing is big.

Past studies have linked going braless to breast sagging – but then other studies have linked wearing a bra to the same thing. On the one hand, some experts say that letting your breasts go unsupported puts all the strain on your ligaments, stretching them out more than they otherwise would get. So if wearing a bra can’t keep your boobs perky, what can you do? As already explained, some sagging is inevitable – no one can avoid getting older, much as we’d like to!

“I thought it was some kind of mistake that nobody is going to advertise their products,” commented Russell.

The woman wrote about it on Facebook, her post for two days collected more than 40 thousand likes.

We will remind, in the beginning of 2018 well-known clothing brand announced a boycott of the racist advertising. For this reason, with the company refused to cooperate, the canadian rapper The Weeknd. H&M has launched an advertising campaign involving the dark-skinned boy wearing a hoodie with the inscription “the coolest monkey in the jungle”. This ad has angered members of social networks.