Things have to remain silent even when asked

We humans are social beings, so without communication it is hard for us.

Речі, про які треба мовчати, навіть коли запитують

It’s hard not to talk to anyone, it’s hard not to share the fact that gnawing. Sometimes, however, our conversation becomes “food for thought”, and this “poison” that forces the interlocutor to quickly end the conversation and less to communicate with us, informs Rus.Media.

Own disease

If your state is interested in really close friend, relative or family member is one thing. But the details of tests, doctor visits and health days with all the symptoms most people are not interested. We love to talk about themselves, and after a certain age, and even to speak on the subject of his health. When two grandmothers on the bench discussing arthritis – they, most likely, common problem and treatment, but the flux on the gums or, sorry, hemorrhoids only your problem.

Past relationships

To get around this issue is unlikely. And do not need. When there’s a moment (wait for it especially is not necessary), it should tell you/to hear about the past of their loved one. This gives us a clearer portrait of the personality of a person, his character. But suffice it to say that relationship ended for such a reason, not to argue, as you have been bad or good together, you did or where he went. This is the past, and you have a new page.

Own archive

Sometimes we are asked to show photos from my vacation. And that’s when the temptation to demonstrate all 150 images, including not the most successful. The same applies to all kinds of needlework, photo albums, favorite video, etc. Excessive molestation is not exactly a person, but rather forced to leave and to run faster.


Gossip is taboo. Not just because you’re wearing a mask of a decent man, but because to wash other people’s bones – it ignoble and ungrateful. The situation can turn so that in time the facts are “twisted”, and you will be listed as the source. And it will be very embarrassing! And do not need to meddle in the Affairs of others, especially family. For example, you caught a friend’s husband in a lie. Promosite? Say? Perhaps we should let them handle this order, making the service not to cause a trouble.

Other people’s children

Remember a simple rule: never criticize children when they are parents. Especially with the mother. Whether it’s a hundred times the truth, she doesn’t agree to this and only strengthened in its own opinion that her child is the best.

“I am beloved”

About yourself generally try not to say too much. First, the less you know about the surrounding, the better and safer life is about. Secondly, there is a risk involved, and then the dialogue turns into a monologue. Silence is always better to talk, and was said to Fyodor Dostoevsky:

My friend, remember that silence is OK, safe and beautiful. Silence is always beautiful, always more beautiful and the silent speaker.

If you think first about who you’re talking to, it will be a great companion and a new view on communication. After all, if everyone is waiting for their turn to insert the remark that the other does not hear, then it turns the situation into a conversation with a deaf mute.