Things that are not worth saving

Discounts beckon us, but there are things that you can not buy cheap and low quality.

Речі, на яких не варто економити

“I am not so rich to buy cheap things”. The famous phrase of Baron Rothschild, no doubt, heard all. But many do like it?

“Black Friday” sale, sale… These words caress our ears and beckon us like mindless butterflies. It’s so nice to have a few new things for the same amount, which at another time would not have been able to buy one! And as we rejoice in the opportunity to buy a set of new t-shirts, socks or scarves with a symbolic price and do not even think about how long they will last!

Today we will tell you about five things never to buy cheap and show you how to choose them, informs Rus.Media.


High quality jeans – almost a “second skin”. They are flattering and if they are chosen correctly, absolutely does not feel any discomfort. To buy such, you have to go to the company store. Only there you will be offered jeans are guaranteed high quality.

Речі, на яких не варто економити

You have the opportunity to buy three pairs of jeans for the price of one? Not in a hurry. Surely you will offer is not the best fit. After all, jeans you have to wear almost every day! At least, they must be very resistant to washing, no shedding (or very little and only during the first wash) and not to deform. The seams should be smooth, the length of the stitches. Lightly pull the fabric in both directions from the seam. If you have visible gaps, these jeans will last a long time.

Before you buy, be sure to try on the selected model. You want it? Then go to the checkout!

White t-shirt

This garment is considered “consumables” and therefore to spend to buy a large amount why it is not accepted. Many of us believe that it is better to buy several identical white t-shirts and throw them out as loss presentable appearance. Indeed, nothing spoils the image as a faded t-shirt that has lost its whiteness.

Речі, на яких не варто економити

Is not it easier to buy a couple of things from quality cotton? Unlike the cheap options, they remain much longer dazzling white as on the day of purchase, and not lose their appeal even after repeated washings.

Be careful! Natural cotton is an expensive material that is often counterfeited. Before you buy a t-shirt, gently squeeze the edge of the item in hand and wait. If the fabric was warm – not hesitate to buy. Left cold? The composition is synthetic.


Your new turtleneck has lost an attractive appearance after the first wash? She must have been bought in the mass market and you attracted to bright colour and a purely symbolic price. But it is necessary to wear it two or three times – and in the most problematic areas immediately emerged pellets, the sleeves stretched out, and the collar and cuffs that seemed when buying such a dense, totally out of form. What’s the matter?

Cheap knitwear made of acrylic – a synthetic material, resistant to deformation and which does not tolerate friction. Its only advantage is the price. But is it?

Речі, на яких не варто економити

High quality pullover made from Alpaca or cashmere cost as much as ten or twelve acrylic, but, unlike the latter, will survive more than one wash and then will be like new, even after five years of constant wear. Acrylic is the same turtleneck that can’t stand two months. Is it worth buying a cheap Jersey, if you can save a considerable amount by buying high-quality units?

When you buy knitwear, you should carefully study the composition of the material. In it, the less synthetics the better.

Business jacket

Elegant jacket, which unobtrusively emphasizes the dignity of both male and female figures and delicately hide its flaws, buy very easy. Those models that offers us a mass-market, designed for a average figure with defined proportions, is very far from reality. Meanwhile, the jacket – not the sweater, the principle of “here a stretch, there seucurity” in this case will not work. It needs to sit perfectly, never puff up or in any case not to push, but not the hanging bag. Equally important is the length of the sleeves. Too long look like you’re wearing a thing that can “grow”. Short no better: they cause subconscious rejection, involuntarily pushing suggests kupovati companion.

Речі, на яких не варто економити

What should I do? Buy status jacket expensive stores. If it is possible to put an order – even better. And if you do sew well, you have the opportunity to become the owner of really exclusive things for a very reasonable amount!


That’s what is impossible to save, on shoes. It should be beautiful, durable, comfortable, made of environmental material, which allow very good air of shoes is especially important.

Before you buy any shoes or boots, be sure to inspect and try them on. Indicators of quality are:

  • flexible sole;
  • durable the heel;
  • stable heel;
  • the lack of sharp synthetic smell.

Речі, на яких не варто економити

Not in a hurry to take off their shoes. Take a few steps, cross, heel to toe and back again, check whether it is convenient for you to heels of this height. Just make sure that you are quite comfortable that can make the purchase.

A quality item that you will wear for a long time and worth the money. Even if you are accustomed to buying clothes at the market or in the Chinese online stores, it’s never too late to reevaluate your priorities. Think about it!