Things that need to be done in early spring!

Calendar spring has already come into law

Справи, які необхідно зробити ранньою весною!

Calendar spring has already come into law, but the snow and ice do not give in fully to realize its coming. Propose is to create a list of mandatory cases to warming. And the wait will be faster and benefit more. After all we will record is extremely beneficial for the body and soul, reports Rus.Media.

To replenish vitamin D

Winter did not spoil us with Sunny days, so in the early spring, felt the first symptoms of lack of vitamin D. these include aching bones, fatigue, insomnia, increased susceptibility to viruses, the spleen.

Better this valuable vitamin is absorbed from sunlight on exposed skin. So catch those rare clear days, going outside and exposing the hands and face the spring sun. Also good will help the pharmaceutical vitamin D, and of course adding to the diet foods rich in them. Fish, seafood, egg yolk, mushrooms, herbs, yeast.

Plant herbs in pots

The time and place to fight the upcoming deficiency – herbs on the windowsill. Grown on the first Sunny rays of parsley, dill, onion is mega-useful for a weakened immune system, and even uplifting. Green sill pleasing to the eye and does not doubt in approaching the summer.

To arrange a holiday hair

Our hair under a cap and under constant attack of cold, sharp change of temperatures requires recovery. Weekly at night apply coconut, olive or flax seed oil to moisturize and nourish hair. Buy nourishing balm and use it after every wash. Pamper your hair with a rinse decoction of herbs. To do this, pour 1 liter of boiling water a mixture of chamomile, nettle, and oak bark (1 tbsp) and let stand 2-3 hours. Rinse hair after washing decoction obtained restores and strengthens its structure.

To conduct an audit of funds of skin care

Of course, winter skin care is very different from the summer. So feel free to throw out the greasy creams and more nutritious emulsion, opening the way easier means. In General, during the warmer period of the year I would recommend to switch to natural skin care. Masks, tonics and tinctures can be made from berries, fruits, herbs and vegetables in season. Cucumber tonic mask from strawberries, chamomile ice cubes – these home remedies will nourish and moisturize the skin and give it a rest from heavy cosmetic products used in winter.


If worried about the back, old injuries of the joints – it’s time to schedule a massage. With the purpose of prophylaxis it is recommended to take massage courses 2 times a year and better in the offseason. Because it is the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, and pain better to prevent than to endure.

Sort through closet

Wardrobe change – it is rather pleasure for the soul, not the body. It is believed that the cleansing of the space from old things not only frees up space in the closet, but also improves health. Not to mention the spirit that gives spring shopping. Well, because you need to fill the vacant education in closet! So feel free to discard everything that no longer wear and go on spring sale to raise his vitality.

To decide on a summer vacation

And, perhaps, the most pleasant pleasure is preparing for the summer vacation. So, it is now possible to buy tickets at a ridiculous price or make a early booking for best conditions. It remains to determine when and where to go to relax.

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