Thirty young designers prepare a “comic book” in containment

Une trentaine de jeunes dessinateurs préparent un «comic book» en confinement

Thirty young people aged 10 to 20 years who have decided to be active in the period of confinement are in the process of building the first issue of the “comic book” annual It fucks the bitch.

This “comix”, which will include fifty pages of horror, fantasy and science fiction, will be launched in October next.

At the head of CABRO Productions, Luca Jalbert is the initiator of this project.

He was 14 years old, when he founded, in 2002, the publishing house of comic books for his series The adventures of Fonck and Ponck. A film is then added with the corporate video and the launch of the BD series, a quarterly called It fucks the bitch.

Image of the cover of the first annual number of the “comic book” quebec It fucks the bitch.

“The workload for this magazine became heavier and I decided to turn it into an annual number”, he said, noting that the latest edition of the quarterly will be available in July.

The new incarnation of this “comic book”, which will be launched in the autumn, is currently under construction.

The authors youth, Pierre-Alexandre Boivin, Denis Côté, France Gosselin, Luca Jalbert and Jonathan Reynolds are part of the writers who have written new original for the first issue.

These texts, which have for theme the virtual reality and video games will be shown or turned into comics.

Luca Jalbert has selected thirty young people from the four corners of Quebec to the drawings of the first edition. Of the youth he has seen in the lectures that he gives, in the schools, in the drawings which he gives to the Patro de Lévis, by Facebook and on the social networks.

“I saw the talent, I love working with young people and it is a nice way to highlight the talent here,” he informed, during a telephone interview.

The project was originally put on a little bit later, but Luca Jalbert has benefited from the implementation of containment to launch, the 20 march, this period of creation. The young designers have until the beginning of the month of may to design their drawings and illustrations.

“It gives them a purpose in the day, the self-esteem increases, and it can also become a gateway to a possible career choice”, he remarked.

Luca Jalbert is available remotely, by video, to help and advise.

The “comic book” is the annual, which will always be shown by youth, is sold in the form of a subscription of two years. It is possible to subscribe in writing to the address or through the page Facebook of Cabro Productions.

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