This broker Quebec would have paid$ 40,000 for lists of personal data of Desjardins

The broker of Québec in savings and insurance François Baillargeon-Bouchard would have paid$ 40 000 to put the hand, since February, 2017, on lists of personal data from Desjardins.

This is revealed in a motion filed in January by the financial markets Authority (AMF) to the administrative Tribunal of the financial markets.

The AMF calls for the suspension of certificates exercise of the broker for the duration of the investigation and that it should be replaced as a leader in his firm, located in Lebourgneuf.

Last October, the Bureau of investigation of the Newspaper and the team of the show J. E. said that this individual was suspected of having used the stolen data at Desjardins to find clients.

In its application, the AMF has required that the broker-dealer to furnish “the original, any copy, of the lists of clients of Desjardins group, acquired by Jean-Loup Leullier Mass or any other person”.

Mr Leullier Mass would also have been met by police officers in this folder. The two men have known each other for “a few years”.

According to court documents, Mr. Baillargeon-Bouchard was reported to have admitted, during interrogation, have purchased six lists, and a “list sample” of customers with ties to Desjardins M. Leullier Mass. He would have claimed to never have questions asked about their provenance, nor asked whether the customers had consented to their data being communicated.

The lists acquired contained : “name, phone number, address, amount of mortgage loan at Desjardins, indicator of age and the premium estimated at the level of insurance attached to the loan (insurance, life and disability)”, one can read in the court documents.

$ 1 per person

According to the AMF, Mr Leullier Mass, who claimed to have access to lists of customers who have mortgage loans with different financial institutions, would have sold to Mr. Baillargeon-Bouchard documents, promising exclusivity. The price paid was about$ 1 per person.

Mr. Baillargeon-Bouchard believes “that 200 or 300 clients responded to their offer of services”. He would have continued to use these data to make the solicitation after the unveiling of the leak at Desjardins in June.

The broker of Quebec has been interviewed twice by the investigators of the AMF and the Chambre de la sécurité financière. These last are doubtful about some points in these testimonies, in particular the fact that Mr. Baillargeon-Bouchard was thought that these lists were obtained legally.

We should remember that it is an ex-employee of Desjardins, which would have stolen the personal information of more than 4.2 million individuals and businesses. He also had access to the information of the 1.8 million holders of credit cards.