This gun will allow you to dump from the sky any drone

Once to bring down a Hummer with a shotgun is not allowed everywhere, you can resort to high technology.

Ця гармата дозволить звалити з неба будь дрон

To return from heaven to earth to cyberspy now — a trick. American company DroneShield specializiruetsya on the identification of quadcopters and their disposal. It produces radar surveillance systems that allow you to fix the launch the drone. But to plant a device on earth, they have an interesting thing, reports Rus.Media.

Heavy gun DroneGun MkII from the video below, is able to intercept the drone at a distance up to several kilometers. To use it, special training is not needed. Using the manual “drone-Ghana” arrows intercepts the communication channel between the drone and its operator — and makes vintokryl to sit on the ground.

Now there’s a compact device easier: DroneGun Tactical. Range — almost a kilometer. Not so little! Weight — 6.8 kg, operating time with fully charged lithium batteries in half an hour.


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