“This has changed the course of my career” -Eric Lucas

«Cela a changé le cours de ma carrière» -Éric Lucas

A little more than 17 years after his backhand controversial in the face of Markus Beyer, the boxer québec Éric Lucas has always the feeling of being robbed in Germany.

“Since 2003, all the world speaks to me about this fight and it has never stopped, has expressed the 48-year old man at the end of the wire. It does not make me evil thinking, but the disappointment is still present. I am not hiding, that changed the course of my career.”

On April 5, 2003, Lucas was making the fourth defence of his title with super-ways of the WBC in Leipzig, Germany. After the twelve rounds, Beyer has been crowned the winner by two of the three judges. They had handed out cards 116-113 in favour of the boxer is local, while the other judge had favored Lucas with a score of 115-114.

“When I was fighting and that it was not going well in a fight, my corner made me know, has been recalled by the Quebec, referring to this duel, which will be presented on TVA Sports Friday night, from 19h. In no case in the game against Beyer we did not feel that we were back. This was not my fight the more spectacular. I have not dominated to the utmost, but I was doing my work. I was the champion. Normally, it is the other who should do a little more.”

“Each time that I then listened to it again the fight, I tried to judge me the most harshly as possible. Every time it’s the same deal, I have the impression of winning seven or eight rounds. Never do I say to myself that I should have lost the decision,” said Lucas.

Never been the same

This defeat strongly criticized in Quebec has had a negative impact on the rest of the career of Lucas.

“From this moment, it has never been the same, he said. We tried to have a rematch we never had. In the same year, I fought injured and I wouldn’t have had to climb into the ring. […] it was the beginning of the end.”

After being “robbed” his belt, the decline of the pugilist has been accelerated.

“It’s been 13 or 14 years that I was a professional boxer. I was starting to get tired. There was the defeat in heart-breaking happens. My morale was no longer in the right place and I didn’t really have the desire to pursue. I continued until 2006, but then, I was even more tired and tanned.”

Lucas had another chance at a world championship (against Mikkel Kessler in January 2006) and has even made a return to competition in 2009, but this was never really the same thing for him.


After his second retirement in 2010, Lucas took his distances with the boxing. This distance, however, is a thing of the past, because it is now serving as the ambassador and head of development at Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM).

The Montreal native also enjoys the activities will be stopped in the boxing world, due to the coronavirus, to update.

“I’m back in boxing, he said with enthusiasm. I watch all the fights of boxers who are part of our team. I listen more to boxing than ever!”

Lucas has also given us an idea of the state of mind that exists at EOTTM.

“The watchword is that you must be ready. Our boxers must be ready, because when we are going to announce a gala, they don’t have 10 or 12 weeks of preparation. This will be very short.”

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