“This is a civil war”: the US Democrats against democracy

"Это гражданская война": демократы США против демократии

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Who would have thought. In the US we were talking about the technology of the “orange revolution”. Exactly — now the Democrats go to the polls, not in order to be fairly successful, but in order to challenge the results. And even to this from the very beginning preparing. Because democracy is the power of the Democrats, not those for whom the votes.The word “Democrats” in this case applies to people of certain beliefs, and to the leaders of the Democratic party of the United States.This story is in the form of careless statements — surfaced in the course of the outbreak in the lower house of Congress the impeachment of the President of Donald trump. What is clear: people are worried. People say regret. And how can they not worry if the impeachment may — if all goes wrong, lead to a complete catastrophe does not trump, and the democratic party, if not the whole of America.The leader of the Democratic party is today, in the absence of others, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. And she wrote in an open letter to his colleagues the following: we have in the house started hearing the case against trump and his Ukrainian Affairs, and many — especially Republicans — are slow to react: because of the presidential elections will be in 2020, so let the elections decide. “This is a dangerous position only underlines the need for urgent action, because the President threatens the legitimacy of the election in 2020.”
Someone may not understand immediately what she said. But trump is realized instantaneously in response on Twitter: “in Other words, she thinks I’m gonna win, and doesn’t want to risk letting the voters decide”.And the whole Republican propaganda — and she’s not just there, but sleet and growing stronger — is also happily took the opportunity to explain to the Democrats, to which they sunk. Here is just one sample: Pelosi essentially said that if the Democrats now will not be able to remove trump from the White house, then called into question the legitimacy of the presidential elections even before they start. This, dear friends, is cynicism. And not the first case of such, because in this century the Democrats challenge the election results every time a Republican wins. So it was with George Bush, so it was with trump in 2016. They are willing to admit your victory.Actually, the whole impeachment started was to merely propaganda to weaken the chances of trump’s election: in fact for real his ouster requires two-thirds majority already in the Senate, and there is dominated by Republicans.However, the impeachment went wrong, about what I speak, and people with the democratic flank — also see “danger” as Pelosi. Here ultrademocratic columnist from The Washington Post grimly observes: the polls show that support for impeachment falling, and the electoral base of trump, the more it pressed to the wall, the more is growing. And now imagine the situation: the President “removes” the lower chamber, meaning the Democrats, then returns to the top, then there are Republicans… And then the voter gives it to another term in the White house. And blame the Democrats, but themselves, nobody.
That’s why the election, Pelosi is a “danger”. Because of that, she puts a little funny — tramp threatens the legitimacy of the election. Why? Because the Democrats can lose.That is legitimate, according to this logic, only one party you know who. And in General elections, any election is bad, if you do not vote for the right one.Let’s remember how this ideology and technology are exported to over and over again, to Ukraine, to Georgia, and in Russia (here without the slightest chance of success). As well as in many other countries. If the voter is wrong, uchinada political Subversion (like illegal “third round” of elections in Ukraine) or riots in the streets.And this technology returns to the United States, and there begin for this reason to be indignant. Example: less than a year ago, made a speech of an unknown Daniel Greenfield. But he is now known, because it remembered him and began to send each other on Republican resources. Several people claimed to be the author of these statements, then got to the source… long story.But Greenfield said this: this is a civil war. Any civil war starts with politics, shooting — you do that at the last stage.Then literally: “How to start a civil war? Two or more parties do not agree on the question of who should govern the country. And they can’t resolve the issue through elections, because they do not agree that it is the elections — a way to decide who will be the main”.And from the same speech: “You can hate the other party. You may think that this party is the worst thing that can happen to the country. But in this case you are working hard to win the upcoming elections. But if you continually reject the result of the election that you won, then what you actually want is a dictatorship. Your dictatorship.”So explain to the Ukrainians or the Georgians that you exported to them, and for everything else the world is not democracy, but dictatorship. But we say in response: it’s not “we” — that is, not all of America. It’s just that the half that are Democrats. All the colored revolutions is from the Democrats and their non-governmental organizations and foundations that they create around the world to organize regular elections, with the correct result. And the other half of America is democratic and good.Well, consider this argument. In the case of what you remember.Dmitry Kosyrev

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