“This is my pain”: Ani Lorak told about problems in Ukraine

The singer gave an interview to Belarusian media.

"Це мій біль": Ані Лорак розповіла про проблеми в Україні

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak gave an interview to Belarusian mass media, where she spoke about the problems in Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

Answering a journalist’s question about the problems in our country, the singer constantly smiling.

“Of course, I now is not easy. How can it be just when is happening in your country? This is my pain,” said the artist.

While the singer added that she’s out of politics.

“Every Ukrainian today is just a shock to the level of life, which course of the country. It’s just not our themes. I’m not a politician – I’m an artist,” said singer.

By the way, Ani Lorak presented a new show “Diva”.

Presentation of the concert program was held in Minsk. Entertained the Belarusian audience the singer new songs. During the show, the actress changed outfits. The most ridiculous was the coat of feathers, I think members of the artist network, calling him “chicken”.

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