“This is the best time to buy a car”

«C’est le meilleur temps d’acheter une voiture»

The re-opening of the showrooms in the Greater Montreal, on Monday, 25 may, dealers will try to lure you to their offering you large discount on the purchase of their cars.

The idea will likely be to take an inventory of cars in a much larger than normal, so that many vehicles are waiting for the end of the containment in the course of the dealers.

These cars will have to be liquidated and tempting offers will surely to consumers. These are approximately 4 million people who will have access to the showrooms, like the one of BMW Park Avenue, which has never had so much choice of vehicles to offer to its customers.

“Our manufacturers have helped us with great offers such as a 2% discount by loyalty, three instalments free of charge, reports of payments… The manufacturers are there to help us and, most importantly, help the consumer. I think it is the best time to buy a car, ” a delighted Roberto Barba, vice-president and general director of BMW Park Avenue, in an interview broadcast on LCN Saturday.

“A BMW X1, which could, prior to the period of confinement, to sell at around $ 700 per month, taxes included, zero cash… You can buy it for 550, 600 $, an economy with still substantial on this type of vehicle, in addition to the three payments free. ”

Net income decrease

This dealer montreal welcomes the reopening of its doors, but does not hide the consequences of the spreading spring of the COVID-19 in the metropolis.

“It hurt us, admits Roberto Barba. The retail industry in general has suffered when the same losses. People like to try before you buy a car. Yes, it has sold vehicles in line and at a distance because we did not have the choice to make it like this and it is still good, but, in all honesty, our month of may…

“We’re still going to suffer losses at the level of our sales. We are talking about an achievement of 60, 70 % of what we did last year, a decrease of 30% to 40% of the income, according to this DG.

The dealers in montreal have shown a lot of imagination to stay in contact with buyers, and this creativity should continue even after the reopening.

As we have seen in the region : measures distance physics have been taken : plexiglass in front of the sellers, disinfection of cars after the road test – a series of measures that will transform the customer experience.

It is now better to make an appointment before visiting a showroom because it is more certain that you will be able to enter unless someone is free for you to receive.

– According to the information of Richard Olivier for VAT New

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