This is the end, see you next year!

C’est la fin, à l’an prochain!

This is the end. The little hope that remained to the Montreal canadiens in the playoffs went up in smoke.

It was still to be expected, let’s face it, and this, for a long time. One feels little by little as the team starts to lower the arm. A reaction is perfectly normal for players most of the time premium this season, and that one feels at the end of the roll.

The Canadian has collectively given what he had to give. But it was not enough.

Does it mean that they are going to give up? I don’t think. Several players have things to prove – or to be forgiven – on the personal level.


Montreal is hard to its guardian star, Carey Price. Sometimes wrongly, sometimes rightly.

But can we really put the blame of this season, disappointing on the shoulders of the player the best paid of the team?


Price is found certainly in one of the positions is more difficult to take in all of the national hockey League. Be the starting goalkeeper for the Montreal canadiens, while his player the best paid, and this, by moving to a team average night after night is a pressure-it’s amazing.

Carey Price is a bit taken hostage with the CH. Asked literally the impossible, namely to win games alone more often than in his turn in order to provide the most minimal chance to a team average to make the playoffs. You can’t ask one player to lead a team to the dance of spring, it is simply inhuman.


As a bonus, since the departure of Jaroslav Halak in 2010, never the Canadian has not been able to offer an auxiliary reliable Price. Of Antti Niemi on Keith Kinkaid, passing by Mike Condon, the management of custodians substitutes has been a disaster in Montreal.

I look forward to hearing the no. 31 in the balance sheet of the end of the season. It’s been a few seasons already that it proclaims loud and clear his desire to play for a winning team. I imagine that he must start to wonder if Marc Bergevin, and the Canadian will be able to offer him this chance in the next few years. If the answer is no, it will be necessary to consider a transaction in order to show him respect and give him a chance to win before he retires.


What discomfort I felt last Monday when I saw the Canadian invite some of the most beautiful hopes of the QMJHL at the Bell Centre as part of the unveiling of the logo of the next draft, which will be held in the city on 26 and 27 June.

Unwell because the Habs did not dare to trust the true talent quebecers at the draft since I do not know how many years. It’s a bit like saying to the people of Montreal : “Here are the best hopes in Quebec. Take advantage of it because you did not claim one.”

It makes me laugh because it just looks at the Habs as we continue to use the example of Louis Leblanc to excuse the fact that people do not chose to Quebec in the first round of the draft. If Leblanc was not a good hope, it was up to them not to take it!

The problem in all of this, it is not that Leblanc was a Quebecer, but, once again, the team of recruiters from the Canadian has done a poor job of evaluation with his choice of first round.

If it is true that ridicule does not kill, some of the leaders of the Canadian will live a long time.

— Interview by Kevin Dubé

The echoes of bergie was


The national hockey League has imposed a fine of$ 5000 to Zdeno Chara for a shot stick in the neck of Brendan Gallagher. Pardon? $ 5000 for a shot like this? I want to understand is that Gallagher is hated on the ice but I wonder how it is possible not to suspend a player for such a gesture. Ironic, though, that supporters of the Canadian to have reserved a standing ovation for Chara when he had played his 1500th game in the NHL. It has a very short memory in Montreal… In addition, the NHL has suspended Zack Kassian for seven games to have imparted a skater in the chest by Erik Cernak Thursday evening. Once again, we missed a great opportunity to pass a true message. If I had been the prefect of discipline, he would be suspended for the remainder of the season. A skate with a blade finely lot is a weapon and the consequences could have been much more serious.


The Wild of Minnesota has decided to fire its coach Bruce Boudreau yesterday. Another coach who had no club, and who could only repeat that he loved the effort of his players. Boudreau was not the man of the new general manager of the team, Bill Guerin, and the latter has decided to go in another direction. I do not think that the plan in Minnesota is to rebuild. We hope to put on ice a competitive team quickly. In the case of Boudreau, it will be difficult for him to find a new job in the national hockey League.


The Tournament international de hockey pee-wee de Québec is in full swing since Wednesday in Quebec city. I would like to wish the best of luck to all the teams present. I say this every year, but I have so many good memories of this tournament at the time when I was the Quebec Nordiques. Maurice Fillion and me, we were doing a duty to attend at least one day of this beautiful event. It was so much fun to watch these young people are screwed. And, of grace, that we let them have fun. Victory or defeat are not what is most important. This tournament will remain one of their fondest memories of youth.

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