This is the paradise ?: a delightful comedy absurd

C’est ça le paradis ?: une savoureuse comédie absurde

Rewarded last year with a special Mention of the Jury and the international critics ‘ prize at the Cannes film Festival, This is the paradise ? is a little gem of absurd comedy that takes a look funny and poetic on the world of today.

In this tale humorous, it has turned in part to Montreal, filmmaker and actor Elia Suleiman plays his own role, is that of a Palestinian in his fifties who decides to leave his homeland in search of a new home, but also to producers who agree to finance his next film.

But everywhere he would go (to Paris, then to New York), he will be confronted with scenes similar to those he saw every day in his country : police officers ubiquitous that conduct testing wacky and totally useless. And it will cross on its way to producers who don’t seem to understand his art.

Humor and melancholy

As with his previous films (divine Intervention, The time that remains), Elia Suleiman built the scenario That is the paradise ? (It Must Be Heaven) from the observations he makes of the world around him. The result is a series of tables is funny and melancholy in which his character is almost mute (a sort of Buster Keaton of modern times) is faced with situations to say the least, wacky.

Filming police officers parisians measure the terrace of a bar for no apparent reason, in a supermarket in new york where all customers carry a weapon or even models who walk slowly in the streets of a deserted Paris, Elia Suleiman presents a portrait lucid and amused the world today. Calling a film slow, poetic and contemplative mood which does not resemble anything else, the palestinian filmmaker manages to make people think and smile at the same time.

This is the paradise ? ★★★★☆

  • A comedy of Elia Suleiman
  • With Elia Suleiman and Gael Garcia Bernal.
  • The film is currently available on video on demand and will be shown in a few cinemas from 3 July.
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