This is what happens when the janitor a wonderful sense of humor

Not so long ago laughed!

Ось що виходить, коли у двірника чудове почуття гумору

One cheerful janitor who decided to add a note of positive in the gloomy everyday life of the inhabitants of his court, decided to lay in the snow track. It would seem there is nothing unusual in this – removed the snow, the case is well made, should be commended. But no – it was not there. After all, the janitor with a sense of humor was such zigzags all cleaned up that side path pedestrian seems more than fun, informs Rus.Media.

The most interesting that all of the pedestrians, succumbed to the herd instinct, and silently walked down the track and absolutely no idea that all this is someone’s original joke. All the pedestrians in the camera and recorded everything that happens. People moved in zigzags, facing each other and overcame all obstacles cunning born of a rich imagination of a janitor. That’s what a creative approach to their work!

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