This old sage will give the answer to your question

Этот старый мудрец даст ответ на волнующий вас вопрос

This old sage will give the answer to your question

Sometimes it happens that we lack the push, advice, or simply faith in their own strength.

Often in such cases we want to refer to someone wise who will tell us the right path.

This old sage has seen a lot and willing to help you. He’ll give you a hint thanks to which you will be able to understand what awaits you in the near awakening.

You need to think about the exciting situation, make a wish, or simply choose a number at random.


1. It seems that you are trapped in a vicious circle. But wait a bit. All will develop very well.

2. You don’t need to rush anywhere. All will come in due time.

3. Stop listening to others and thinking in stereotypes. Better listen to your heart and do as it says.

4. There are no apparent obstacles. A bit of diligence and make it happen.

5. You need to think more about themselves and their desires. You will be lucky if you learn to prioritize.

6. Believe in your strength. You certainly will succeed. You will realize desirable in the near future.

7. You are confused. All you need is a little rest. Do this and the solution itself will come to you.

8. You are not as alone as you think. To accomplish what you want to help your friends or random acquaintances.

9. You often push their desires on the backburner. Stop doing it, then you life will begin to emerge.

10. You have to have patience and to work. Do not despair, you will get much more than you expect.

11. You will get what you strive for. But you realize that you didn’t want this and will begin to build the right plan.

12. Get ready! Pleasant change is on the way!

13. Unexpected news or offer cool will change your life.

14. You will fail, which will soon result in incredible success. So don’t worry and wait.

15. You rush things. Apple needs time to Mature. Wait.

16. You need to look differently at your life and then you will be able to see ways to get what you want.

17. Now luck is on your side. Act boldly and decisively. Do not be afraid.

18. Your happiness is under your nose. Look more closely and you will see it.

19. You need to believe in themselves. This is the only thing that separates you from the desired.

20. You need some time off, then things will improve.

21. You are very wise, so listen to your own mind and intuition. They will show you the way.

21. You almost managed to achieve. Keep the course.

22. You are fixated on one. You need to look around and you’ll find many possibilities that will literally overshadow what you are aiming for. You will find the right path.

23. If you learn to notice the beauty of this world, then you will finally see their luck. You pet lives, but for some reason persistently do not notice.

24. It works out.You have nothing to worry about.

25. Remember after the rain always comes the sun. Soon everything will be fine. Do not worry.

26. You worked hard now you will be rewarded.

27. You do not value yourself. But luck is on your side. Soon you will learn what you are worth. Life will give you lots of change.

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