This popular fruit destroys cancer cells

Этот популярный фрукт уничтожает раковые клетки

According to new research, today’s an exotic fruit called jujube also known as Chinese date, can effectively destroy cancer cells. Laboratory tests showed that the chemical compounds present in these fruits stimulate the self-destruction of cancer cells of lung, breast and prostate. According to researchers from the Royal society of chemistry in the UK, the death of cancer cells in this case can be caused by internal stress in the tumors. It still remains unclear whether the exotic fruit to prevent and treat cancer in humans.

Jujube is used in Chinese medicine to treat insomnia, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Although the fruits resemble in appearance the dates, they contain 32 times more vitamin C and significantly more antioxidants and valuable amino acids. The Chinese believe that daily consumption of three red dates helps to preserve youth and longevity.

In the study, experts identified in the fruits of 8 connections, which could provide benefits in the fight against cancer. Four compounds reduce survival of cancer cells, while three connections start the process of self-destruction in cancer cells by damaging the internal structure of the tumors. However, experts say that further research is needed to determine how exactly the connection of the fruit ziziphus cause the death of cancer cells.

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