This product will relieve symptoms of menopause

Этот продукт избавит от симптомов менопаузы

Scientists from UK found that the extract from soybeans is an alternative to hormonal drugs, which is appointed by doctors to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Professor Andrea Genazzani, President of the International society of gynecological endocrinology, said that soybeans are not only able to ease discomfort during menopause, but also to free women from them. British scientists found that soy contains an active ingredient called DT56a that acts as the sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for mood and regulation of body temperature.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which during the month a group of volunteers from 2,500 women took soy. The results showed that soy saved the women from such problems during menopause like hot flashes, insomnia, sweating, fatigue and mood swings.

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