“This strong grass improves blood circulation to the brain, prevents cancer, essential asthma, gout…”

«Эта сильная трава улучшает кровообращение головного мозга, предотвращает рак, незаменима при астме, подагре…»

A disease like diabetes, distributed in our world with unprecedented speed. According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases, the incidence of diabetes over the past three decades has increased by 176 percent. Therefore, scientists have begun to study the various methods of treatment and prevention of this disease.

The treatment of diabetes

Dr. Elvira Gonzalez de Mejia, Professor of food science and nutrition at the University of Illinois, and his colleagues researched how different herbs and spices affect patients with diabetes. It turned out that oregano and rosemary are the leaders in the reduction of blood sugar levels. They contain antioxidants, including flavonoids and polyphenols, which are able to inhibit the PTP1B enzyme and DPP-IV.

These enzymes play a key role in insulin secretion. It was also found that divorced and in the greenhouse conditions and collected in nature, and the dried oregano and rosemary had good medicinal properties. But the herbs grown in natural conditions, turned out to be more useful.

«Эта сильная трава улучшает кровообращение головного мозга, предотвращает рак, незаменима при астме, подагре…»

Rosemary is widely used worldwide not only for the prevention of diabetes. He has countless beneficial properties!

Exclusive use of rosemary

  1. Reduces inflammation due to the content of a huge number of antioxidants.
  2. Revitalizes the brain, causing powerful blood flow to it.
  3. Reduces stress by lowering levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood.
  4. Stimulates hair growth. Very useful to add rosemary essential oil to the shampoo and mask.
  5. Strengthens the entire body, cleanses from disease-causing bacteria, rejuvenates the cells.Try unique rosemary tea! Teaspoon dried crushed rosemary pour a glass of boiling water. Let it steep 15 minutes and drink a healing potion.

    Best time of day to take rosemary tea to — night, better to do it right before bedtime. 1 Cup a day of this drink will reduce the risk of diabetes to a minimum and help prevent other dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Watch the video about how miracle-rosemary affects our memory!

Rosemary and oregano can be taken as aid in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, it is very useful to elderly these herbs: literally nourish vital energy and return the memory. Rosemary is also used for cancer prevention!

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