This was a Great post. Here’s what should not be done until Easter

Наступил Великий пост. Вот что категорически нельзя делать до самой Пасхи

In 2018, lent begins February 19 and will end on April 7, the main Christian holiday — Easter Sunday or Easter.

Lent was established by the Church in memory of the wanderings in the wilderness, Jesus Christ, who for 40 days, despite the temptation, indulged in the food.

Part of the Easter lent: lent (first 40 days); Lazarus Saturday (day 1 — palm Sunday the Saturday before palm Sunday); Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem (day 1 — palm Sunday, the week before Easter); Easter Week (6 days — whole week, from Monday to Saturday before the feast of Easter).

The main purpose of lent — the cleansing of the human soul through food restrictions and prayer.

The rules of lent.

  • Before the beginning of the post you definitely need to ask for the blessing of the priest, confession and communion.
  • Should avoid loud talking, profanity, and conflict.
  • You can’t hold grudges, hold anger, revenge and think about the bad. Also need to get rid of envy and not to lie.
  • Help people. If you ask for help, do everything possible.
  • Try to abandon the holidays. You shouldn’t throw noisy parties.
  • In lent unacceptable use of alcoholic beverages, it is also advisable to stop Smoking.
  • During all 48 days must stick to a complete rejection of food of animal origin and meat.

First and Holy week Orthodox Church prescribes to keep a particularly strict fast.

  • In Monday and Tuesday of the first week is prescribed to observe the highest degree of fasting: do not eat food.
  • In the remaining week of lent, except Saturdays and Sundays — xerophagy.
  • In Saturdays and Sundays permitted food cooked with oil (vegetable oil).
  • And only in the feast of the Annunciation, if it falls not on Holy week, allowed to eat fish.

Throughout the post you can eat: white bread, cereal bread, cereals, salted and pickled vegetables, jams, mushrooms, beans, dried fruit, nuts, honey, vegetables and fruit.

God bless you in these bright days!

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