This will be even more atrocious

The United States has gone through a week of excruciating, and the second coming will be even worse. It must be naively optimistic, or, to use the words of the governor of the State of New York about the american president, “grossly misinformed” to see things differently.

One of two things : either a miracle occurs, as envisaged by Donald Trump during a press conference at the White House February 28, and the COVID-19 will ” disappear “, that is, the United States led to the disaster, the shortages, the carnage and battles.

Hospitals lack everything, and the medical staff is already exhausted. The mayors of big cities, on Friday, launched a cry of despair : it takes twenty-eight million masks, twenty-five million held for the protection, tens of millions of gloves, millions of test kits and 140 000 respirators.

The president, he said, wants to move on to something else, hope that the economy is growing, as people return to work. “The United States has not been created “, repeated it this week, ” to be closed. “And he is perfectly right.


The american dream is out of his misery and make money. The country is organized for that few to enrich themselves on the backs of others… people who dream of being in the place of those who benefit from the system.

Donald Trump is not wrong when he says that ” people want to go back to work “. Beyond the creed, who wants that idleness is the mother of all vices, the Americans do not have the means to rest.

According to the studies, at least one worker in two is living from pay cheque pay cheque and three Americans in ten don’t have a penny in the bank. And then, they like to work, these Americans : by 2017, 57 % of them have not taken all the vacation days offered by their employer.

The week that begins not announced anything but reassuring. The unemployment figures in march will swell and it will be a never-before-seen. The exponential growth of cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 will continue ; nothing yet indicates otherwise.

And what do many Americans when they are worried ? They arm themselves. There is panic in the air, and, as an arms dealer in New Hampshire later admitted this week, ” people have more and more the feeling of being left to fend for themselves. “Wish at least that I have wrong for the battles !

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