This will not be easy for Tom Brady, according to Peyton Manning

Ce ne sera pas facile pour Tom Brady, selon Peyton Manning

The ex-arch-rival Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, believes that it will not have an easy time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as some adjustments will be needed for the number 12.

Having crossed the iron a few times in the playoffs of the NFL, with the former glory of the Patriots of New England, Manning said he was surprised to see Brady embark on a new adventure in Florida. Moreover, nothing guarantees the success for the athlete 42-year-old who will have to learn a new game system and to familiarize themselves with teammates different.

“It is intriguing. I spoke with Tom on a few occasions, but never about this decision. He seems happy and enthusiastic. I’m a little surprised to see him go in the national Association. I’ve always thought of Tom Brady as a guy of the American. It will, therefore, have to tame the clubs in the other conference,” said the double winner of the Super Bowl to the network ESPN.

In addition, Manning estimated that the direct opponents of the “Bucs” will do everything to make life miserable to the pivot of renown.

“He inherits a difficult section”, he commented about the Southern division of the National. “I don’t think that the Saints of New Orleans, the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers will go on the body when the Buccaneers arrive in the city. It should give a few meetings with the section to be very interesting.”

In a country of knowledge

However, the ex-quarterback of the Colts of Indianapolis and the Denver Broncos adds that Brady has some factors playing in its favour. There will be a change of scenery, obviously, but the important people in Tampa are well-known faces to the newcomer.

The driver Bruce Arians was the coach of the quarter at the Patriots over the first three years of the player-featured-in-New-England. The advisor attack Tom Moore served as the offensive coordinator for 12 years at Foxboro, and the head of the pivots of the “Bucs”, Clyde Christensen, has been in command of the attack of the Patriots for three seasons.

“He has a great team around him, has evaluated Manning. Tom will be overseen by a few guys that he knows well, people who know how football is played and who love this sport. All know how much he will work hard.”

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