This year the citizenship of Ukraine received more than 4.5 thousand foreigners

В этом году гражданство Украины получило более 4,5 тыс иностранцев

Within 10 months of 2019 the citizenship of Ukraine received 4508 foreigners. This was reported in the State migration service of Ukraine.

In particular, 2801 alien received citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin (article 8 of the law of Ukraine “On citizenship”). Among them were most of the Russians (1217), Azerbaijanis (241) and Moldovans (230).

71 the foreigner became a citizen of Ukraine on the basis of agreements on a simplified procedure. They mainly benefited the residents of Tajikistan (35), Belarus (25) and Kyrgyzstan (10).

1057 more foreigners become citizens of Ukraine under the decree of the President of Ukraine (article 9 of the law “On citizenship”). Among these people most Russians (170), Syrians (122) and Armenians (101).

In addition, the 579 foreigners acquired citizenship of Ukraine in accordance with article 11-15 of the law of Ukraine “On citizenship” (adoption, guardianship over the child, custody of a recognised court incapacitated person, in connection with the stay of the citizenship of Ukraine of one or both parents of the child, due to the recognition of paternity or maternity, or establishment of paternity or maternity). The service noted that among these people most were stateless persons (177) and Russians (172).

As of 1 November in Ukraine on the account listed 282 709 permanent immigrants and temporary 122 368.

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine designed 20 693 foreigners on a temporary – 25 16 passes

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