Thomas and me

Thomas et moi

Because the government of François Legault is preparing back-to-school students, I decided to share with you, this morning, an anecdote that has happened to me recently.

In the context of my work at the Cégep Garneau, it happens to me regularly collaborate with colleagues from Laval University, either in history or in politics. But as soon as I can, or that it offers me the opportunity, I like to meet students from the secondary school. I come away each time inspired and, above all, impressed by their interest in american politics.

A few weeks ago, at the time of the break (an eternity!), the emission Salut Bonjour invited the young “trainees” to intervene in different segments or chronic. I remember having had to decline participation in the program of the Saturday, even if the researcher had specified that in addition to my ongoing collaboration, I would be accompanied on-screen by a young enthusiast policy of 16 years, Thomas Beauchemin.

The situation was out of my control (illness in the family), but I was sincerely disappointed not to have offered the young man an opportunity to exchange on our common passion. As an educator, I consider that it is of course our duty to ensure a solid education, but I am deeply convinced that we are able to exert a lasting influence on the motivation of our young people.

I had almost forgotten this incident when, last week, I received an email from Thomas. In a text well-written, he asked me if I was ready to share with him in his show. If the arguments that he presented to me were alone to be convincing, and if I saw it in my participation as a great opportunity to make me forgive my absence during his visit to Salut Bonjour, Thomas has piqued my curiosity in speaking of “his show”.

I repeat often that our young people are beautiful, that we can get impressive results if they are offered interesting projects supported by motivated and competent people. Condemned him as the containment, Thomas decided to occupy his free time by leveraging his two passions: politics and communications. The fruit of his labor has helped to set up Radio Thom.

Thomas and me have therefore agreed upon a time to save a segment of his show, and he has agreed that I share the result with you this morning. You imagine what it asks of time, knowledge and skills, prepare for a show he broadcasts each day? You would have done with all the necessary seriousness to 16 years of age? To be honest, I don’t.

So, if you were wondering how some of our young people have managed the containment, or if they are simply curious and motivated, I thought it was nice to share the anecdote. Quebec has a lot of young people like Thomas Beauchemin, and we emphasize too few initiatives as his own.

If it is true that not everything is pink in our school system, particularly in the public network, and that we must redouble our efforts and imagination to achieve more and better, it is necessary to also highlight and publicize the successes. Bravo, Thomas!

  • You can access the web page of Thomas here

  • I will redirect you here to Radio Thom

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