Thomas Anders fulfilled the cherished dream of lovers on the stage

Томас Андерс исполнил заветную мечту влюбленных прямо на сцене

In Odessa “the Summer theatre” in the seaport was made by ex-lead singer of popular German band Modern Talking Thomas Anders.

Those wishing to listen star disco 80s gathered together in the hall there were almost no empty seats. In the beginning the audience behaved modestly, but after a while “fell” from their seats and began to dance to the fiery rhythms.

And at the end of the cult of the singer on the stage stood a young man proposed marriage to his girlfriend under the loud applause of the audience. The audience could not hold back tears, Thomas Anders fulfilled the cherished dream of the young and helped them find happiness.

Singer of the hit “You Are My Heart You Are My Soul” also shared his impressions of South Palmyra.

“The first time I visited Odessa in 1998, it was a long time ago, now I come here more often and see how things change. I love summer, love the ocean and sea. It is very beautiful and fresh,” admitted Anders during the concert.

In addition, the musician told about his secret of success.

“If I knew that secret, would produce a tablet and it would be a very rich man. You have to have talent, the voice, good songs and a lot of work!” — shared the singer.

Thomas also told how he manage to look so good.

“Endlessly and train hard, drink water, but it is not a guarantee of beauty. Beauty should come from within, you should be happy. Then you will be beautiful you will always be beautiful happy people,” — commented the artist.

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