Thomas Anders: I’m starring in the TV series and release new album

Томас Андерс:  Сейчас я снимаюсь в сериалах и выпускаю новый альбом

Thomas Anders: “I’m starring in the TV series and release new album”
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Anders answered the questions of journalists on the stage of Odessa marine passenger terminal overlooking the Black sea. Credit: courtesy of the organizers of the concert.

The ex-soloist of group “Modern Talking” in Odessa quail his biggest hit with a guitar, and answered our questions.

Now Odessa is in full swing international film festival (media partner – TV channel “Ukraine”). But not only they lives South of Palmyra. In those days, opened here a summer theater “the terminal” where almost every day are the stars. And what! At the opening sang Verka Serduchka, and now has granted himself Thomas Anders.

As we told the organizers of the concert, Thomas arrived with ten musicians who worked on stage live. They had easy rider: a few bottles of champagne Moet (about 2000 UAH. per bottle), cutting cheese, vegetables, water, juices… it was found that 55-year-old German artist carries with a makeup artist and brings beauty to your face only.
3000-seat hall under the open sky was filled, people were singing and dancing. But Thomas did for Ukrainians, their biggest hit You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul guitar.

Later, when Thomas was the third time he encored the song You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul came again, but in its traditional version.

Томас Андерс:  Сейчас я снимаюсь в сериалах и выпускаю новый альбом

Thomas came to Odessa with ten musicians who worked on the live show.
Photo: Alexey SYSOEV

A short interview

“The audience is the same everywhere – we are all human”

Thomas, you appear in different countries. What do you feel about summer sites and scenes of the sea port in Odessa by the sea?

– Very nice atmosphere. I love the sea and many times they have performed in Odessa, I really like it here. But to walk around the city to see the sights does not work.

I had a concert yesterday in Berlin and I’ve just arrived. And in the morning fly back, so there is no time to rest.

– Do you like Ukrainian people?

Every time I visit another country, people ask me about the audience, the other. But no, the audience is the same. We are all human beings. People who come to my concert, they love music, there is no difference where to play.

There was a small difference 40 years ago, but now is the time of YouTube and the Internet, wherever I was – Asia, Europe… People know what to do.

– Now in Odessa, there is a festival, but you have and actor starred in three feature films. If there’s any new suggestions? What kind of movies do you like?

– It takes a lot of time, so at the moment filming a movie there. But I’m doing a TV series in Germany. And sit in the jury of X-factor on one our channel. On another channel I had a very specific role – lead the program, which tell about the life of 60 years. I stand there kind of expert or person who wants to know more about my family.

– When waiting for your new album?

– I just wrote it down, it will be released in the fall.

– What determines the success of a musician? From the aura or charisma of the person?

– If I had a recipe, I would have released it in tablets around the world. First thing you need to have a voice. You must be something special. And luck, of course – to meet people, to be in the right place.

But the most important for all young performers – a belief in themselves and in their music. And what do you feel when you work. If you do not, then nothing happens. You can forget about it, even step not to do.

And you have to have discipline. If all this is all you get.

You nice man, you love women, you always look good. How you are cared for?

– What do you think, what should I do for this? Sports, proper diet..? There are many things that go on the inside. If people just played sports, even very intense, is not a guarantee that you’d look good.

Many people eat healthy food. But not all of them look good. All comes from within. You should be happy, then you will have the opportunity to show it to the world, and you’ll be fine.

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