Those in flooded towns of the Irkutsk region distributing aid

In a flooded Irkutsk region continue to distribute humanitarian aid. These things are Essentials, primarily the drinking water, reports “WORLD 24”.

In Tulun, for example, brought more than 45 million liters of bottled water. This assistance from Irkutsk and Bratsk. Additionally, tomorrow will bring another 18 thousand liters. In addition, the region there are two stationary and one mobile bakery. The bread they sell at 24 rubles instead of 100 rubles, wrote in social networks. Prices are also checked in regular stores, the Prosecutor’s office and CPS. No violations.

With victims psychologists of the Ministry. They are all temporary accommodation. You can also call the hotline: 8-3952-39-99-99. Take calls for free around the clock.