thousands of French people stranded in the United Kingdom

    thousands of French people stranded in the United Kingdom

    Britain woke up in the morning on Monday December 21, cut off from much of Europe, following the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus. The situation is unprecedented and it creates a real headache for the thousands of French people in the United Kingdom who intended to join their loved ones for Christmas. They are stuck here for 48 hours and are required to take a PCR test. The situation is complicated. Getting tested in the UK is expensive, around a hundred euros. The price for Eurostar weekend trains has skyrocketed. Many trains are already full. So several expatriates have already reluctantly given up coming.

    Stranded passengers but also goods, since France has also interrupted its freight with the United Kingdom. There are concerns about possible problems with the supply of fresh produce for the holidays. An emergency meeting of the government must take place this Monday, December 21 in the morning to try to find a solution to this crisis, explains the journalist of France Televisions Diane Schlienger from London.

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