Thousands of protesters in the north of France against the plan to save Renault

Des milliers de manifestants dans le nord de la France contre le plan d’économies de Renault

Several thousand people demonstrated Saturday in front of the Renault plant of Maubeuge, in the north of France, against the decision of the automaker is struggling to remove 15,000 jobs in the world, with 4600 in France.

“Here, this is not a heart that I have, it is a diamond…”, loose, emotional, Jean-Marc Pelleriaux, the hand on the chest, making reference to the logo of French car manufacturer.

Evoking a sense of attachment “visceral” at the plant MCA and a “family spirit” with him, as thousands of people (8000, according to the unions) gathered Saturday morning in front of the factory MCA (Maubeuge construction automobile), a subsidiary of Renault, to protest against the savings plan announced.

“We announced that we were the best factory in Europe, that we had nothing to fear, and today we are told that we are going to close to get to Douai? We can’t let it go…”, is indignant with the AFP, Mr. Pelleriaux, 61-year-old trainer in the area of retouching and a member of the union CGT.

The site, which employs about 2100 people, is to stop since Friday. The direction of the manufacturer is considering the transfer of production utilities electric Kangoo in Douai (approximately 2900 employees), about 70 km from here, who would inherit a new platform.

“It is an earthquake that is happening. We want to keep our business here. Today, this event is very important, even if this is only a first step, to show the government and Renault, the employees and the inhabitants of this district are attached to this business, and that it is supported. We need these jobs, otherwise it is a complete territory which is going to die!”, told AFP Jérôme Delvaux, a trade unionist.

On the placards or on the back of the vests, the messages suggested the link that binds the factory to the population. “With all the efforts, I spend almost more time with my colleagues than with my own family. This is my second family [ … ] ” says Gabriel Lemaire, agent of manufacture.

Many elected officials with a scarf tricolor marching also in the procession, the party of the factory, to winning city hall.

On Tuesday, about 250 people (politicians, trade unionists and employees of the factory, Maubeuge (france) had already been mobilized.

Already in difficulty before the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the French car manufacturer announced on Friday the elimination of about 15,000 jobs in the world in the context of a savings plan of more than two billion euros over three years to address its overcapacity.

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