Thousands of Slovenians protest against the government

Des milliers de Slovènes manifestent contre le gouvernement

Thousands of people demonstrated on Friday in the slovenian capital, Ljubljana, accusing the government of corruption and to take advantage of the pandemic related to the new coronavirus to restrict the public freedoms.

“Thieves !” or even ” down with the government!!! “, chanted the protesters, wearing protective masks, gathered in front of the parliament protected by a cordon of police officers. They were 10 000 according to the private television channel POP TV.

The event was organized by “Protestival,” a citizens ‘ movement supported by some opposition parties, among which that of former Prime minister Marjan Sarec, who resigned in February following dissensions within the coalition he led has paved the way for the nationalist Janez Jansa.

Mr. Sarec had lent his support to the protesters, explaining that they had a common goal : “to prevent this corrupt government to stay in power “.

Slovenia has reported 1450 cases of contamination in SARS-CoV-2 and 100 deaths, for a population of two million inhabitants.

International organizations including the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) stated their concern to see the government Jansa take advantage of the measures imposed to combat the pandemic in order to suppress media reporting of alleged corruption involving, for example concerning the provision of protective equipment or medical equipment.

Economy minister Zdravko Pocivalsek, in the centre of the charges, has denied.

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