Thousands of volunteers ignored

Des milliers de volontaires ignorés

Thousands of teachers and members of school staff have lifted the hand after having been requested with insistence to lend a hand in NURSING homes, but seem to have been ignored by the government.

According to our information, 2932 employees of school boards have so far volunteered to help in homes for the elderly, after a call to the assistance of the ministry of Education (MEES).

This is according to a compilation made by the deputy minister Anne-Marie Lepage, achieved by our parliamentary Bureau.

However, François Legault and his minister Danielle McCann seemed not aware on Wednesday of this workforce available and already being paid.

“Call to your heart “

After a first call to volunteerism from staff with expertise in health, MEES has invited all the employees of the school boards to participate in the war effort in the beginning of the week.

“The MEES appeals to your heart, one can read in a letter sent to the school staff. We precise that all job categories are covered by this urgent request. “The interested parties had to notify the directorate-general of their school board.

When asked about this, on Wednesday, the PM seemed baffled. “We talk about teachers who teach in the health sciences. Therefore, it is a small percentage of teachers that challenge is currently to come in NURSING homes “, he said.

His minister of Health added that a total of 740 teachers and students had been hired for. “We focused on people who have a background in health “, she said.

Sanitary measures to return ?

Impossible to know what will be the sanitary measures taken on their return to schools. Will they be in isolation ? How long ? Let us recall that François Legault announced a plan to reopen schools, which will be unveiled next week.

“It will be necessary to provide, in effect, to do with the Education what will be the transition for these people, in link with public Health “, was limited to comment on Danielle McCann.

Measures of concern yet the teachers who volunteered to participate. Several are informed with their trade unions, human resources, without success. “Nobody knows “, told us a staff member of a school board, which has lifted the hand to help take care of seniors.

François Legault was aware of the approach of the MEES, has assured his cabinet.

“But we are willing to first bet, put all our efforts first with teachers, teachers who have specialties, or who teach in nursing,” said the press officer Ewan Safe.

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