Threat aroma: in Australia because of the smell of durian evacuated students

PHOTO : TASS / Kurniawan/Zuma


Durian caused the evacuation of more than five hundred people from the University library in capital of Australia in Canberra. Only after the rescuers found and carried out of the building an exotic fruit, people were allowed to return to the premises, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Firefighters arrived to campus after reports of a strong smell of gas. But an hour later it was established that the source of the stench is a fruit that someone left in the trash can near the vents. Firefighters Packed it in a bag and carried out of the building.

Durian is a fruit that grows in the forests of South-East Asia. Its aroma is considered one of the most disgusting in the world and resembles the smell of rotten eggs. However, these tropical fruits in Asia very much. Use them for barbecues, pizza. And the bravest eat durians just.

In the same month in Indonesia because of durian postponed the departure of the airline Sriwijaya Air. Passengers complained of a strong smell in the cabin. The crew was ordered to remove the cargo and the aircraft.