Threat than rotavirus for children and how to protect the baby

Rotavirus is an acute intestinal infection that is spread through contact with a carrier of the virus or contaminated food.

Чим нeбeзпeчний рoтавiрус для дітей та як захистити малюка

Therefore, parents should know how to help your child with rotavirus infection that has not gone complication, reports Rus.Media.

How can a child get sick rotaviruses?

The pathogen enters the body through contact with contaminated objects, food, or communicate with another child that is a carrier of rotavirus infection. Almost all children have ever transferred the disease, because they always wonder why their way is necessarily the most just goes into the mouth.

How to determine that the child has rotavirus?

“The disease of dirty hands” is defined by the presence of a strong diarrhea with a sharp rise in temperature. The parents of the baby, even without medical training, can easily detect the presence of rotavirus infection in a child pronounced the symptoms are: loss of appetite, profuse watery stool without blood, possible vomiting, and in severe cases, convulsive spasms, loss of consciousness. If in Calais there is no blood splashes, watery stools, so the kid has this disease. Blood in diarrhea is a symptom of another disease. But for confirmation of the diagnosis is always necessary to consult a doctor.

Threat than rotavirus for a child?

The first sign of flu are fever and diarrhea, and therefore dehydration and the weakening of the body. In rare cases there are cramps, sometimes there is a loss of consciousness. The smaller the weight and age of the infant, the more critical the situation can be. For children this is especially dangerous because to poison the child who cries sometimes extremely difficult. After dehydration with rotavirus the child is one of the most serious consequences that must be prevented in the first place! The best solution for detecting profuse diarrhea will call “Ambulance”.

How to protect your child from rotavirus, and prevent disease?

Prevention is vaccination aged 6 to 32 weeks. Is painless vaccination is in the form of droplets in the mouth of the baby. More recently, vaccination against rotavirus gastroenteritis included in the vaccination schedule, i.e. it is mandatory.

You also need to observe the rules of hygiene, before eating, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables carefully control the quality of the food. Everything around should be as safe as possible: clean items, fresh food, and the like.

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