Threat the continuity of power. What is behind the Ukrainian sociology

Опасная преемственность власти. Что стоит за украинской социологией

© RIA Novosti, the stringerthat The economic policy of Mr. Zelensky in varying degrees, is the successor of the course Poroshenko becomes clear to more people.The center for economic and political studies. A. Razumkov (father of the current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov) gives a very disappointing figures, reflecting the frustration of citizens of Ukraine in the policy of the new authorities. According to the poll, the figures in the main areas (pensions, wages, rising crime, the situation of Russian-speaking population) has deteriorated. The level of prices and tariffs for the deterioration of indicate 50% of respondents on improvement of only 5% in health (respectively 31% and 6.5%), social protection (28% and 7%), wages (24% and 5%), economic situation of the country (23,5% and 9%), the situation of crime (22% and 7%), pensions (21% and 6%), in education (19% and 6%), compliance with the law by public officials (17% and 13%), provisions of the Russian-speaking population (11% and 7%) and so on.

Numbers much, but they appreciate the internal politics of Mr. Zelensky as very unfortunate, in any case, according to the ordinary citizens of Ukraine. As a result, a growing number of confident that the Team is “ze” does not differ significantly from their predecessors (the number of these has increased from 27% to 30%), and consider it significantly worse increased from 8% to 12%. Of course, the poll numbers, like everything in Ukraine, unable to dissemble, but it should be recognized that the reasons for frustration among the population have been made.People closely watching the developments in Ukraine, sooner or later begins to sink in quantity produced chaos there. Crazy assignments lead to foolish decisions, and they, in turn, lead to insane results. “I’m a moron” jokes (or maybe not joking) the Minister of economy Milovanov; the attorney General Ryaboshapka personally has a killer Sternenko; Prime Goncharuk attributed to himself a degree and all these are the realities of political life. Ukrainian public figure Dmitry Spivak ironically brings additional outcome: “the Head of the National Agency to combat corruption (NAPC) was appointed a longstanding ally of Poroshenko (!!!) and the Deputy from BPP Natalie Novak. So she will destroy the corruption, not sparing himself. Especially surrounded by Peter… Lubomir Novak, who for several years was the head of Ukravtodor, won the same NAPC court. You can now and home. And that 100 billion have passed approximately through the structure. The condition of the roads we all see. As experts say, stolen through a variety of schemes about 70%… the Cabinet has agreed on a quarterly (!!!) the increase in tariffs for cargo railway transportation, and at the same time announced the purchase from China of 200 locomotives. And rightly so, why to develop its own production and to upgrade, for example, Kryukov plant…”

“For the first three years of management Suprun has slipped from 73 to 137-e, if I’m not mistaken, according to the who classification by level of medical care. In five years, Ukraine has lost almost three million pensioners — from 13 million to 10. It’s not abroad is it the people who died. If we want to continue this reform further with the same numbers and results, then it’s a sad picture,” — the TV channel ZIK commented on the plans of the Ministry of health of the famous Ukrainian heart surgeon, Director of heart Institute Boris Todurov. The leadership of the new Ministry of health promised that “medical reform,” American Ulyana Suprun most certainly will continue.

Here are the new Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba talks about the war with Russia. According to him, Ukraine will win at the moment in Kiev there will arrive the President of Russia and, quote, “bow before the monument to the heroes of the ATO”. Further, Mr. Kuleba said that “this step will pave the way from the official world to real reconciliation.” And this is the same man who a couple of months ago in the “Mirror of the week” bitterly wrote about the fact that Ukraine actually loses the features of the state.

“In 28 years of independence Ukraine has not created an economic miracle. Is not built strong political, civil and economic and financial institutions… — had stated in his article, the then permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba. Waves of reform and the next “full restarts” almost destroyed the continent the bureaucratic apparatus of the state, thus creating the lonely islets of efficiency, barely withstand the storm of reality.” And now, according to a sudden rise of the official, Russia is the time to surrender and bow to the monument to the volunteers — despite the fact that speedy world wants the vast majority of the population of Ukraine.Examples of some surreal inadequacy of the ruling class can result in tens and hundreds in different spheres of Ukrainian life, but objective data is just a killer for the whole post-Maidan regime. Thus, according to the Swiss financial conglomerate Credit Suisse, the level of personal wealth of citizens of Ukraine in 2013 was $3413 and 2018 was $1563 per Ukrainian (123 in the world out of 140 countries); the level of prosperity Legatum Prosperity Index (composite index, which measures the achievements of countries from the point of view of their well-being and prosperity), Ukraine in 2014 was on the 63 place in the world, but four years later migrated to 111 place, right between Malawi and Djibouti.

To remedy the situation have not bed in a brothel to rearrange, dismantle the system that brought the country to such a sorry state of Affairs, but those interested in the problems of the people of Ukraine? The war of all against all will increase with the ongoing savagery in the economy, and all the costs will take ordinary citizens and the President’s rating. The lower support of the society, the “dogovorosposobnost” the President himself. However, he will not negotiate with those who truly help, and not about what the people of Ukraine.Konstantin Kevorkian

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