Threatened with deportation when he served as nurses

Menacé d’expulsion alors qu’il servait des infirmières

An owner of truck street, Saint-Hyacinthe, has spoken of the threat of expulsion from the parking lot of a hospital by an employee of the City, on Wednesday, while he served the meal as a reward for a hundred nurses.

Menacé d’expulsion alors qu’il servait des infirmières

Francis Veilleux

“I respected 100% of the municipal regulation, argues Francis Veilleux, whose canteen The Guy & Cheese was stationed at the Hospital, Honoré-Mercier in Saint-Hyacinthe, in the Montérégie region.

On Wednesday, the restorer mobile 41-year-old executed a contract that he had obtained this winter, with the union of health care professionals.

“It is more than 300 meals in eight hours to thank the workers for their efforts. They had a coupon for a free meal. They do this every summer, COVID or not, ” says the saint hyacinthe native.

However, around 12: 15 a.m., when he served these nurses paused, an employee of the City has asked Mr. Veilleux to immediately discontinue its service to macaroni and cheese, nachos and grilled cheese, and then leaving the premises.

Otherwise what, it was inevitably going to receive, and maybe even two tickets.

“I have not been too polite. I told him to hold that this was not the time for me to achaler, ” he admits. Even the nurses told him to leave me to work alone. I had the right to be there as a caterer, if I was selling not the public. “

A hot topic

Mr. Veilleux concedes that he has not bothered to invite the employee to go re-read his rules. Because, since little bit, the trucks street food are part of the hot topics in Saint-Hyacinthe.

On Tuesday, the City was reminded that their presence is prohibited on its territory.

“We want to avoid unfair competition with our caterers on the storefront,” said mayor Claude Corbeil, by way of a press release. The owners of street stalls / kiosks do not pay municipal taxes, it becomes so unfair. “

Not a nuisance

“Usually, I go to festivals, I’m doing the tour of Quebec. When I came here, the City boasted to say that it was plugged in, ” retorted Francis Veilleux.

“But then, as there was no tour because of the COVID, they think I’m too far… a nuisance “, he laments.

However, he believes that the challenge does not come from the complaints of restaurateurs.

“They tell me that they are not able to provide, they don’t have enough employees because of the PKU. They are happy that I am there. “

– With Mathieu Boulay

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