Threats of Trump: China calls for the United States to strengthen their cooperation

Menaces de Trump: la Chine appelle les Etats-Unis à renforcer leur coopération

BEIJING | China called Friday to a strengthening of the cooperation with the United States in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19, at a time when the american president Donald Trump’s threat to “cut relationship” with Beijing.

The tenant of the White House pounds the past several weeks that the heavy balance sheet of the COVID-19 — over 300, 000 deaths around the world — could have been avoided if China had acted in a responsible manner at the onset of the virus in the city of Wuhan (central China) at the end of last year.

When asked about the various retaliatory measures that it is considering, Mr. Trump, who has in recent days raised the possible introduction of new customs surcharges, proved to be both evasive and threatening in an interview with Fox Business aired Thursday.

“There are a lot of things that we could do. We could break off any relationship”, he launched.

“If we did, what would happen?”, questioned the tenant of the White House. “We could save $ 500 billion if it broke any relationship,” explained the billionaire republican, customary warnings without following day.

Invited to respond, a spokesman for china’s public diplomacy, Zhao Lijian, has argued to the contrary on Friday for a strengthening of the cooperation of his country with the United States in the fight against the new coronavirus.

“Maintain stable relations between China and the United States is in the fundamental interest of the two peoples and to peace and stability in the world,” he added in front of the press.

The american president, who said he is “very disappointed” by the attitude of Beijing in the management of the crisis of the novel coronavirus, has rejected the idea of talking directly with his counterpart Xi Jinping to ease tensions.

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