Three children almost burned to death in the Carpathians, as a customer of arson was not found (VIDEO)

Трое детей едва не сгорели заживо в Закарпатье, а заказчика поджога не нашли (ВИДЕО)

Six months are looking for customer resonance arson in Sochi. The crime happened at the end of 2017.
Surveillance cameras recorded as the man set fire to the garage. The flames quickly engulfed the car and within minutes spread to the house.

The worst thing is that over the burning garage was a children’s room, where that night we slept three kids. Victims remembered with horror as hastily picking up the kids from the room. On a winter’s ran out in pajamas and barefoot.

The owner of the house — Roman Popovich immediately called the police. The man gathered as much information about the arsonist and customers. All materials handed over to the police.

The perpetrators declared wanted. Then the Novel began to threaten. Said that it shot or doused with acid.

Artist arson found. He admitted his guilt. But customers are still looking for. One of the suspects hiding. More in the story channel “Sirius”

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