Three effective steps to get rid of negative emotions

Три эффективных шага, чтобы избавиться от негативных эмоций

Stress, poor health, unforeseen situations, a lot of work and little rest can affect not only your health but also on emotions. If your thoughts are filled with negative emotions, you need to get rid of them.

Three effective steps to get rid of negative emotions

1. Identify the emotion

This means that you need to identify the emotion in the body as a sensation (lump in throat) and call – resentment, fear or anger. If the person can’t do it, can develop alexithymia — emotional gap when people cannot define their emotions and trying to pass them off as normal. If this happens regularly, it can lead to psychosomatic diseases.

To learn to identify your emotions, is important in the moment when you live it, listen to the sensations in the body: stomach, chest, throat, shoulders. Identify the strong feeling: hot/cold, hard/easy, space/compressed. It also will need to pick a name to these emotions, for example sadness, sorrow, fear, despair.

2. Live these emotions

You must do this if you want to get rid of the negativity in my head. Because masking negative emotions or avoiding them will not help you. Eventually this can manifest itself then in the form of neurosis, alcoholism or other negative consequences. At the stage of living emotions need to say out loud what you feel, and then Express this emotion the way you need it – weep, yell, break a plate or beat the pillow.

It is important to understand that the emotions we need to show other people our status and to show emotions is normal. Find your way to deal with negative emotions – sports, creativity.

3. Accept your emotions

Because you live negative emotions, you can’t beat yourself up and punish yourself. At this stage it is important to understand that the emotions you have shown – this is normal. And, surely, after their manifestation, you will feel better. It’ll really help you to get rid of constant hysteria and self-flagellation.

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