Three eights: the registry office the marriage is coming hype

Три восьмерки: в загсах грядет брачный ажиотаж

Three eights: the registry office the marriage is coming hype
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Lovers of anniversaries, I hope that the marriage registered in a day – a pledge of strong and happy family life. Photo: Konstantin Bunovsky

Future newlyweds book August dates with the happy eights.

The “wedding” Saturday – August 18

Each year those who decided to tie the knot hymen, put on a real “hunt” for a lucky date for weddings. Especially popular among future newlyweds enjoy dates with sevens and eights. They say, seven is in itself a lucky number, and eight is the infinity symbol, it means that love will last forever.

This year “marriage” the excitement is in August, in which three dates combine mystical significance – 8.08.2018, 18.08.2018 and 28.08.2018.

In the city registry office of Kherson note: the application for painting on August 28 at the moment filed for 17 pairs, while in regular days painted 10-12 pairs. But Zaporizhzhya couple has chosen August 18: the eight is, and Saturday just a day when traditionally register marriages.

– On this date filed a statement of 55 pairs told in the Central registry office of Zaporozhye. Even if you compare with July 7, 2017, then this is a record number, then you sign a lot less vapor. Lovers of beautiful numbers, we are always. On August 8 too many wanting to stand on the towel – 15 pairs. As for the environment, a large number. On ordinary days we have to paint 15-20 pairs.

Dnieper brides and grooms are not far behind: statements on August 18 started filing back in February, that is, for six months.

– Some young people joke so they say, easier to remember and not forget the date of the anniversary, – the smiling employee of the registry office in the Cathedral district. – So far we have received 30 applications, but this is not the limit.

Not just the infinity sign

However, if a positive number “eight” for marriage, which many people associate with the sign of infinity?

– Couples who plan to marry under the influence eight, you should be careful and cautious, warns numerologist Alexey Krivitsky. – The fact that this figure brings together people focused on career growth. If one partner needs constant attention, and the second most of the time to devote to the work, that quarrels and conflicts are inevitable.

But astrologers are more favorable to date, with eights. In particular, 18.08.2018 they call the perfect day for the Union of two creative personalities.

It is the seventh lunar day, the Moon will be under the influence of Scorpio, says astrologer Emma Litvinov. – A family created this day to be very friendly and close-knit. In solving any problem will involve both the husband and wife, and they will be addressed quickly and creatively.

But 8 August 2018 – not so auspicious because it falls on the waning phase of the moon, which reduces the positive impact of the numbers. I do not advise astrologers and August 28, as this date falls on a Tuesday, which is under the auspices of Mars. This planet symbolizes the militancy, therefore, family relationships are legitimized on Tuesday, are doomed to constant conflicts and quarrels. In addition, it is the third lunar phase is not the best time for marriage. Energy begins to decrease, and the wedding can seem wasteful and unnecessary. But if you have applied, give preference to a quiet and modest registration.

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