Three funny videos to see

Trois vidéos comiques à voir

 The quebec humorists keep busy as best they can despite the pandemic. Thanks to the web, several comic continue of people loosen up their audience. Here are three videos that have captured our attention in the last few days.




Since the beginning of the confinement, Louis-José Houde regularly publishes videos wacky where he talks about his situation, his hobbies and cultural of its ” treasures of the household “. A few days ago, the comedian was told to be back in business… a lock of her own hair in a Ziploc bag ! He has given himself to be cut off his long mop of 1994 (!) during a tournament broomball (!!) in Saskatchewan (!!!).



Mariana Mazza will replace it Ricardo ? It should not be exaggerating, but it is still the case that the comedian just released a video where we see her cooking… a poutine. Entitled Day of pout’, the video was organized by our Cheeses. During nearly ten minutes, Mariana-book with humor, his cooking tips on their poutine on the barbecue with a touch of south america. Yum !



Very active on the web since the beginning of the crisis, Arnaud Soly has yet to hit a big shot by posting a video parody on the conspiracy. Very exaggerated, with examples that are ridiculous, the comedian claims that the coronavirus is from Montreal. The worst part of it ? Some internet users believe that he is serious.

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