Three parties in Parliament have demanded to the authorities before the meeting, “Norman Quartet”

The representatives of political parties said that they will not allow, in particular, the “no compromise relative unitary state and no federalization”, and “no cessation of international lawsuits against Russia”

Три партии в Раде предъявили требования к власти перед встречей "нормандской четверки"

KIEV, December 3. /TASS/. Representatives of the three Ukrainian parties – the “European solidarity” (leader – Petro Poroshenko), “Batkivshchyna” (leader Yulia Tymoshenko) and “the Voice” (leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk) – made from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of the joint statement “On preventing violations of national interests of Ukraine”, which outlined “red lines” for the government ahead of a meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet” (Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine). The statement was read by three representatives of the political forces on Tuesday.”To Ukraine on the eve of the Normandy meeting face challenges that can put at risk the very Ukrainian statehood. Therefore, we proclaim: “No surrender!” Recognizing the security risks for the national interests of Ukraine, for the implementation of European and Euro-Atlantic choice of the Ukrainian people, affirm the need to adhere to during negotiations in the “Normandy format” principled positions “red lines”, the violation of which will bring irreparable harm to Ukraine”, – said from the rostrum of the Parliament the representative of the faction “European solidarity”, the former Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy.

After that, the head of the faction “the Voice” Sergey Rakhmanin said that three political forces will not allow “no compromise relative unitary state and no federalization; no compromise regarding the European and Euro-Atlantic course; any political action, in particular, elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass to fulfil the conditions of security and de-occupation, in particular, the removal of Russian troops, disarmament of illegal armed groups, establishing control over the state border; no compromise about the de-occupation and return of Crimea to Ukraine; no cessation of international lawsuits against Russia.”

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