Three people were killed in the crash of a minibus near the city of Bryansk

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Svetlana Rodina


Three people were killed and another 13 were injured in the collision of a truck and Shuttle bus Unechskaya district of the Bryansk region, among them two children, said TASS, the acting head of the district Anatoly Pieces.

All the victims were taken to nearby hospitals, four in serious condition.

“Three dead and 13 injured, who were hospitalized in Unechskaya and Klintsovskiy hospital,” he said.

The accident occurred at the 139-th km of the road Bryansk – Novozybkov. Truck collided with a taxi.

The police finds out the incident reasons.

In turn, the state traffic Inspectorate of Russia, the Agency reported 12 victims and the three victims.

Last week five people were killed in the Chernozemelskiy district of Kalmykia in the collision of passenger car and truck.