Three pieces of advice for every Zodiac sign from East of the sage!

Три совета для каждого знака Зодиака от восточного мудреца!

The Eastern sage believes that for all Zodiac Signs the universe is preparing three of the most important lessons to be learned.It is worth remembering that we have to live according to the laws of the Universe, which are known to people since ancient times. All is not as prescribed as the way you want. Learn that fundamental lesson for all people. If you are willing to accept that, willing to learn three very important life lesson.


Happiness is a loved ones. Wealth comes and goes, but friends and family remain with you always. Appreciate love and friendship.Sometimes, you may just have to let go of something to become happier.The best way to solve problems is to learn how to avoid encounters with them.


We are all equal, and nobody has the right to call himself Superman.So people respect you, it is necessary that you respect them. Nothing happens for a reason in this world everything is interconnected.Appreciate those who gives you the soul.


Selfishness will never be price as it gives only a momentary sense of power, good mood, richness, wealth.A lie is something that can save you just now, but will not be able to get rid of the problem completely.

Foresight — this choice is not only wise men, but those who value their time.


For all the bad requires special fee in the form of a sincere apology. If you hurt someone, it will not go unpunished.

Don’t pretend you’re better than you. Be yourself — it’s a talent that can be developed. Pretending builds walls, not bridges.

Greed kills you in person, it can make you lonely and miserable.


The most useful skill in life is the ability to put yourself in the other person. It gives you power, which wants most.

You need to spend as much as you can afford, not how much demand fashion and status.

All the bad passes, exactly like all is good. Life is day and night, positive and negative, love and hate.


You may not be right always. Everyone makes mistakes — you, your enemies and friends, sages and fools.

Risk sometimes necessary, if you want to be happy.

There is no need to support another person. Even if you think that alone you can not handle, you still are capable of anything, even without the help of other people.


All will be well, because life is not black and white stripes, and a chess Board. The choice is always yours.

You should not demand from others what you can’t demand from ourselves.

The soul is always more important than the body. Thoughts are always more important than action. Thoughts are material.


Even if you are alone change the world for the better, it will not be a reason to tell others what they need to do. Good deeds don’t make you Holy. They make you happier.

To give advice is only when it is asked for. In any other situation this could be interpreted as an attempt of manipulation.

If you hurt someone, don’t blame this man for what he is going to hurt you in response.


Diplomatic people are always more successful than selfish. This is an important life lesson that must be learned as early as possible.

Appreciate the help. Do not abuse hospitality trust, if you don’t want to be hated.

Do not put yourself above others — all have flaws. We are all simultaneously different and the same.


There are no perfect people. The closer you are to the ideal image, especially seem boring to others.

Changes — this is normal. Everything changes: the universe, the world, people.

All the past should stay in the past. Don’t let old wounds to leak into the real world.


We realize what true love and friendship, only when we begin to appreciate the help and attention.

Only by becoming the best at something, you can succeed. The ideal is to aspire to always.

Never humiliate people, especially in public, if you do not want in the future you have been a big problem.


To make life enjoyable, you must know what you want. Move to this always.

The family needs everything. Learn to appreciate your family and all that they do for you.

Life is not a one-sided game. Learn to sacrifice something, not just absorb someone else’s love if you don’t want to be alone.

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