Three reasons why man does not love you

Три причины, по которым мужчина не признается в любви 

“Do you love me? Well, tell me, do you love me?”It is with this phrase usually women stick to her lover. And hearing in response “of course” instead of the coveted three words, very offended. We were not aware, why is man so difficult to say “I love you.” But actually the reasons are, and they are disappointingly banal.Women love with their ears, and it’s proven true. We are ready to spend hours talking about their feelings, without losing sight of a single detail (after all, it is important everything!), while our callous satellites are limited to a nod and a cold “Yes” in response to questions about reciprocity. And how nature could create such cold and indifferent? Where are those stunning eloquent heroes, which dreams of every girl avidly reading the novels of yesteryear? Apparently, on the pages of those books. And in real life princes do look different.Psychologists assert that men and women are wired differently, and if we are easily given the Declaration of love or another sense, for men this is a real feat. Why it happened and the reason for their stiffness? Break tons of literature and by asking this sensitive question familiar to all bachelors (and not only) we have found three answers.The first precision afraid to make the wrong choice. Men perceive the word as a guarantee of future action and the emergence of a kind of responsibility for them. The man said — man did! But if said does not justify your words, then shaken the status of this man. So before you push your beloved, you should think whether you empty recognition or is better to wait for the confident words followed by a proposal of the hands, heart and registration. But seriously, you need to be wary not when he pulls recognition, and when incessantly speaks of love. Because easy recognition says about the common practice and the uselessness or even the impairment of these words.The second precision afraid that his feelings are not mutual. This happens when the beloved is silent about feelings. Or if, on the contrary, it too often is asking him this question. In the second case the man will think, really if the girl loves him, or just needs another confession to gratify their vanity. But if she’s been so secretive and does not elect to understand what she feels for him actually, and he did not immediately dare to be Frank. This mutual and slightly cowardly game is extremely dangerous, because in the final both can stay with a broken heart and in the full confidence that the love was unrequited.Third precisamente don’t cry! And hundreds of phrases hammered into the head of man from an early age, saying that the emotions he is supposed to hide. But mother nature made sure that the man just hid the emotions, but looked at it from a different angle. We’re talking, and they do. Now you expect him to dedicate to you a poem, and he buys you a new phone. His language is a confession. And if on March 8 instead of a bouquet he’s messing with your computer and sets there is something new and, according to him, necessary for the convenience, believe me, this is love. The third reason is even often relevant to married people. He told the Registrar, “Yes” and even stamp in the passport got that now he has a wife, and he will be her whole life to love her in joy and in sorrow, and in spite of the hardships of the mortgage. There for some men do not understand the question about love. Why about it all the time to insist? If he still hasn’t filed for divorce, it is obvious that he loves his wife. That’s funny, but sometimes sad.How to understand, love or not, if he is silent? By their actions and only him. He takes care of you? He lives with you? He gives you gifts? If Yes, then stop worrying! He loves you. Understand that the value of the words about love not how many times they said but how they spoke and at what point. But more importantly, whether these words are backed up by actions. Instead of constant questioning, better learn to understand your man without words, focusing on his actions. This will give you much more happiness than endless conversations about feelings.

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