Three Rivers: the buyer of Packaging Bettez now has the wind in its sails

Trois-Rivières: le repreneur d'Emballages Bettez a maintenant le vent dans les voiles

Solutions Sherby, the company that purchased the assets of the Packaging Bettez, now has the wind in its sails, after a presence of three years at Three Rivers.

The sale is concluded at the time in a difficult context. Emballages Bettez was then on the verge of bankruptcy after the arrest of its director general, Jonathan Bettez.

Three years ago, Denis Forand, the president of Solutions Sherby, has made a risky bet, is to keep the 12 jobs Emballages Bettez.

“When we took the assets, and we have seen the loss, it was scary, but we had budgeted. We followed our plan,” said Mr. Forand, in reference to the difficult months crossed by his business.

The customers ‘ trust had to be regained, and he had to convince the vendors to come back. In turmoil, many had taken their distance with Packaging Bettez, including Kruger.

“We have worked hard. We do the hide not! During a certain period of time, people did not even want to meet with representatives,” said Mr. Forand.

The company specialized in the distribution of sanitary products and packaging industries has managed to save the 12 jobs. After the purchase, the management had even put at the disposal of the staff of the psychological support. Some of them had been the target of insults from the public. The employees at Solutions Sherby have turned the page on this episode tumultuous.

“Our working conditions have been met, our seniority, our salary. We have been respected in all of this. It was a good boss. For me, the page is turned. I turn to the present and the future,” said TVA New Adrienne Brière, employed at Solutions Sherby.

The company plans to hire new employees over the next few months.